Synonyms for Concrete:


actual, factual (adjective)
accurate, corporeal, precise, substantial, material, sensible, particular, detailed, tangible, solid, real, objective, definite.
fireproof (adjective)
hardened (adjective)
firm, monolithic, compact, unyielding, set, strong.
manifest (adjective)
Exhibited, incarnate, revealed, proved, corporeal, present, evidential, Manifested, Appeared, observable, discernible, Shown, demonstrated, Displayed, palpable, Materialized, embodied, tangible, visible, viewable, touchable, perceivable.
material (adjective)
worldly, physical, tangible, real, solid, substantial, palpable, objective, material, natural, corporeal.
precise (adjective)
real (adjective)
factual, true, substantial, genuine, actual, real, authentic, tangible, honest, solid, veritable, sincere.
solid (adjective)
firm, stable, hard, physical, substantial, dense, set, solid.


certain, undeniable, definitely, realistic. acrylic, alabaster, elastic, strong, cement, glazed, earthen, cardboard, unyielding, monolithic, glass, compact, bone. bitumen, brick, aggregate, substantive, adobe, board, brownstone, asbestos, caulk, boarding. logical, Clear-headed, rational, matter, balanced, phenomenal, body, sensible, mature, pragmatic, Grounded, practical. plaster, wax, plate, ice, varnish, paper, tile, carpet, board over. concrete (noun)
solid, objective, real, tangible, factual.
specific (noun)
particular, definite, detailed, precise, accurate.

Other synonyms:

bone, elastic, cardboard, glass, paper, alabaster, earthen, ice. acrylic, substantive, phenomenal, sensible. glazed. glue
Other relevant words:
definite, ice, certain, cement, practical, carpet, realistic, particular, phenomenal, definitely, glazed, paper, unyielding, brick, elastic, monolithic, compact, plaster, strong, bitumen, earthen, detailed, accurate, sensible, adobe, rational, glass, substantive, tile, board, precise, body, bone, acrylic.

Usage examples for concrete

  1. The house will be made of reinforced concrete or its successor; certainly not of wood. – The Cost of Shelter by Ellen H. Richards
  2. I wondered why I, a creature from the concrete world, was there. – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke
  3. The conception, therefore, of such a power over matter being possessed by certain individuals is in no way opposed to our ordinary recognition of concrete matter, and so we need not at present trouble ourselves to consider these exceptions. – The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Troward