Synonyms for Reserved:


clannish (adjective)
conserved (adjective)
kept, maintained, saved, preserved, conserved.
cool (adjective)
offish, undemonstrative.
held for future use (adjective)
roped off, private, engaged, qualified, retained, restricted, taken, kept, set apart, booked, limited.
limited (adjective)
modest (adjective)
modest, selfless, unassertive, unselfish, unobtrusive, diffident, coy, humble, undemonstrative, meek, bashful, demure, shy, timid.
qualified (adjective)
qualified, tempered, exceptional, Stipulated, notwithstanding, Albeit, mitigated, conditional, provisional, limited.
remote (adjective)
restrained (adjective)
constrained, formal, Self-restrained, guarded, backward, ostentatious, collected, private, boisterous, secretive, retiring, loud, quiet, gentle, self-contained.
retained (adjective)
silent (adjective)
quiet, tight-lipped, mum.
silent, unsociable; constrained (adjective)
backward, retiring, bashful, serene, solitary, modest, quiet, formal, standoffish, restrained, distant, aloof, demure, reticent, gentle, mild, taciturn, collected, unapproachable, diffident, frigid, undemonstrative, placid, composed, self-contained, cool, unresponsive, shy, withdrawn, offish, noncommittal, close-mouthed, secretive.
taciturn (adjective)
taciturn, succinct, close-lipped, un-talkative, curt, tight-lipped, mum, uncommunicable, reticent, Incommunicable, tightlipped, incommunicative.
tightlipped (adjective)
unapproachable (adjective)
uncommunicative (adjective)
secretive, taciturn.
unexcitable (adjective)
even-tempered, demure, composed, steady, meek, impassive, self-controlled, nonchalant, stoical, imperturbable, easygoing, tranquil, inscrutable, aloof, level-headed, detached, stoic, stolid, placid, serene, passionless, unflappable, cold-blooded, moderate, staid, cool, dispassionate, unexcitable, unhurried, self-composed, poker-faced, neutral, calm, mild, apathetic, deadpan, controlled, numb, frigid.


spent, under control, finite, within limits, restrictive, used, prohibitive, exclusive, specific, limiting. big, restricted. inhibited, Self-restrained, noncommittal, restraint. remote, attitude, chilly, hot, solitary, unapproachable, offish, standoffish, chill. tightlipped, Incommunicable, close-mouthed, uncommunicable, incommunicative. reserved (noun)
diffident, distant, withdrawn, indrawn, aloof, rarified, booked, restrained, bookable, undemonstrative, set-aside, rarefied, reticent, engaged, unemotional.
restrained (noun)
private, withdrawn, distant, quiet, reticent, taciturn, shy, mild.


conserved (verb)
kept, maintained, saved, preserved, conserved.
cool (verb)
qualified (verb)
modified, Excepted, Allowed.
quiet (verb)
retained (verb)
held, Prevented, retained, Hindered.
withdrew (verb)
withdrawn, withheld, retracted, Recanted, Revoked, recalled, Withdrew, suppressed.

Other synonyms:

tightlipped, offish, uncommunicable, close-mouthed, Self-restrained, inhibited. restricted, noncommittal, unapproachable, Incommunicable, taken, formal. chilly. chill, solitary. remote. austere
roped off.
Other relevant words:
incommunicative, blank, unemotional, distant, secretive, unresponsive, restrictive, quiet, solitary, backward, engaged, private, chill, noncommittal, standoffish, chilly, restricted, Incommunicable, indrawn, rarefied, set-aside, inhibited, bookable, remote, guarded, constrained, unapproachable, close-mouthed, self-contained, tightlipped, exclusive, uncommunicable, emotionless, restrained, specific, rarified, formal, Self-restrained, retiring, booked, offish.

Usage examples for reserved

  1. So quiet, so reserved as he had always known her, she seemed to have become another person. – The Nether World by George Gissing
  2. This last fate will be especially reserved for works of a high character. – The Art of Literature by Arthur Schopenhauer