Synonyms for Hedge:


aerate, bed out, cross-pollinate, deadhead, feed, bonsai, cross-fertilize, drill, compost. begird, circle, fount, latticework, girdle, espalier, hem, gird, grotto, bird bath, lattice, encircle, open, compass, encompass, beset, arbor, fountain, gnome. close in, mince (your) words, get at, imply, obliqueness, convey, envelop, intimate, enclose. euphemize, take evasive action, waffle, have a narrow/lucky escape, shuffle, pussyfoot, weasel, equivocate, retreat, skate over/around, clear, tergiversate, play it safe, miss, provide against. sink, invest, put in, underwrite, seek, save, pay into, speculate, roll over, plow into. euphemism, Equivoque, equivocation, tergiversation, ambiguity, weasel word, prevarication. artifact (noun)
boundary, obstacle, especially one made of plants (noun)
hedgerow, windbreak, enclosure, shrubbery, bush, thicket, hurdle.
equivocation (noun)
fence (noun)
honey locust, broom, Osage Orange, hawthorn, Japanese Privet, yucca, honeysuckle, boundary, camellia, oleander, box, Washington thorn, hibiscus, barberry, hurdle, rose, forsythia, thornbush, holly, obstacle, organ-pipe cactus, furze, bushes, ocatilla cactus, gorse, enclosure, rhododendron, windbreak, mock privet, white willow, hedge laurel, Russian Olive, hedge thorn, spirea, wait-a-bit thorn, myrtle, California Privet, dogrose, bush, Glastonbury thorn, azalea, prickly pear cactus, Russian privet, jasmine box, lilac, thicket, shrubbery, hydrangea, juniper.
hedge (noun)
dodge, parry, skirt, evade, hedging, hedgerow, duck, fudge, elude, sidestep, circumvent.


avoid, dodge (verb)
duck, waffle, pussyfoot, shuffle, tergiversate, equivocate, fudge, sidestep, evade.
enclose (verb)

Other synonyms:

tergiversate, espalier, euphemize, bush, shrubbery, grotto, provide against, bird bath, fount, weasel word, gnome, arbor, latticework, waffle, invest, pay into. equivocate, plow into, lattice, tergiversation, hem, euphemism, prevarication, encircle, fountain, Equivoque, begird, imply, underwrite, equivocation, speculate. enclose, convey, get at, encompass. envelop, girdle, ambiguity, gird, roll over. beset, shuffle. put in. retreat. sink. miss. avoid
close in.
evade, pussyfoot.
Other relevant words:
envelop, bush, weasel, pussyfoot, enclosure, enclose, espalier, encompass, euphemism, close in, equivocate, compass, equivocation, tergiversation, hem, waffle, gird, hurdle, windbreak, shrubbery, tergiversate, circle, miss, convey, boundary, retreat, thicket, euphemize, Equivoque, provide against, gnome, ambiguity, begird, weasel word, fount, beset, encircle, prevarication, girdle, shuffle.

Usage examples for hedge

  1. Another moment's listening and he was convinced that the sound came from a hedge some hundred yards below. – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  2. Perhaps you think I don't know a gentleman when I see one, from a common run- the- hedge like you? – New-Arabian-Nights by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  3. Richard did not appear at this meal; he was taking his bread and cheese under the hedge with the haymakers, Edna explained, or in other words, he had desired his luncheon to be sent to him. – Our Bessie by Rosa Nouchette Carey