Synonyms for Outline:


representative (adjective)
imitation, pastiche, metaphorical, facsimile, graphic, illustrative, model, portrayed, Aping, approximate, replica, analogous, copy, representative, miniature, Rendered, cartoon.


rough out, generalize, summarize, encapsulate, boil down. shape, aspect, round up, footprint, account, appearance, report, formation. horizontal, diameter, chord, inclined plane, axis, arc, diagonal, surface, curvature. instruction, explanation, gloss, interpretation, clarification, words, principle, theory, planned, argument. mark out, imprint, carve, streak, circle, engrave, mark. course of action (noun)
edge (noun)
rim, tip, border, brim, fence, periphery, frontier limit, side, fringe, margin, boundary, precipice, curb, ring, brink, sharpness, edge, coast, perimeter, extremity.
form, tracing of an object (noun)
shape, figure, configuration, silhouette, contour, delineation, profile.
line (noun)
line, lineation.
list (noun)
outline (noun)
rough, line, adumbrate, form, frame, lineation, draw, draft, synopsis, compose, schema, trace, scheme, limn, framework, girth, precis, sketch, wire frame, skeleton, plan, configuration, chalk out, abstract, delineate, tracing, profile, draw up, delineation, circumference, figure, describe.
plan, sketch (noun)
synopsis, frame, tracing, framework, draft, drawing, summary, skeleton.
representation (noun)
picture, snapshot, metaphor, figurine, impression, bust, idol, depiction, analogy, cast, image, likeness, duplication, portrayal, photograph, rendering, approximation, effigy, illustration, representation, drawing, statue, silhouette, carving.
synopsis (noun)
condensation, epitome, summary, digest, compendium, excerpt, overview, precis, sketch, abridgment, synopsis, prospectus, abstract, resume.


edge (verb)
bound, limit, trace, contour.
outline (verb)
circumscribe, draft, draw, delineate.
represent (verb)
imitate, duplicate, illustrate, portray, depict, simulate, replicate, represent, render, ape.
sketch out; plan (verb)
summarize, delineate, rough out, describe, trace, adumbrate.

Other synonyms:

diagonal, engrave, rough out, diameter, clarification, explanation, generalize, horizontal, interpretation, account, round up, inclined plane, appearance, instruction. report, chord, theory, curvature, axis, carve, principle, mark out. arc, argument. gloss. imprint, circle, streak. mark. come near
Other relevant words:
rough, diagonal, chord, shape, engrave, argument, mark out, curvature, mark, interpretation, chalk out, adumbrate, generalize, line, scheme, schema, lineation, rough out, streak, describe, diameter, gloss, surface, footprint, compose, limn, draw up, report, summarize, principle, appearance.

Usage examples for outline

  1. Sky there was none, nor sight of anything save when the lightning revealed the outline of the housetops. – Muslin by George Moore
  2. This is a dim and narrow outline of what it means to be an American. – The Young Man and the World by Albert J. Beveridge
  3. Far away, in the blue distance, one could see, of a bright, sunny day, the outline of the French coast. – Dora Thorne by Charlotte M. Braeme