Synonyms for Diameter:


curvature, line, chord, diagonal, arc, axis, outline, horizontal, inclined plane. diameter (noun)
measurement across object (noun)
broadness, width, breadth, caliber.
thickness (noun)
density, caliber, width, expanse, thickness, bulk, breadth.
width (noun)


bore (verb)
measurement across, broadness.

Other synonyms:

horizontal, inclined plane, diagonal. chord, curvature, axis. outline, arc. line. Other relevant words:
curvature, broadness, horizontal, diam, chord, arc, outline, diagonal, axis, line.

Usage examples for diameter

  1. The leech was over sixty miles in diameter now and still growing fast. – The Leech by Phillips Barbee
  2. The tower is about 20 feet in diameter – Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe by Sabine Baring-Gould
  3. A circle about three feet in diameter is drawn on the floor in the front of the room and serves as a goal. – Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium by Jessie H. Bancroft