Synonyms for Coarse:


all (adjective)
barbarian (adjective)
brutal (adjective)
brutish, savage, brutal, inhuman, cruel, ruthless, carnal, barbarous, bestial, ferocious, rough, rude, gross.
discourteous (adjective)
crude, brash, disrespectful, discourteous, uncivil, contemptuous, uncouth, uncivilized, barbarous, tactless, caddish, ill-mannered, rude, vulgar, impertinent, impolite, brutish.
earthy (adjective)
inelegant (adjective)
vulgar, rude, inelegant, uncivil, tactless, raw, boorish, crude, gross, barbarous, earthy, brutish, unpolished, clumsy, tawdry, unrefined, gawky, undignified, graceless, awkward, tasteless.
low (adjective)
not fine, rude (adjective)
rude, low, inelegant, smutty, cheap, dirty, uncultivated, uncivil, gross, foul, filthy, earthy, impolite, nasty, indelicate, uncultured, boorish, obscene, scatological, crass, ribald, offensive, base, rough, bawdy, common, brutish, uncouth, raw, crude, unrefined, vulgar, raunchy.
obscene (adjective)
rough (adjective)
rugged, sinewy, jagged, cragged, gnarled, Knurled, scratchy, ruffled, stubbled, rumpled, rough, Scuffed, bristly, ragged, scabrous.
rough, unrefined (adjective)
loose, inferior, coarse-grained, unpolished, rugged, grainy, homespun, granular.
vulgar (adjective)
clumsy, repulsive, garish, salty, unrefined, common, depraved, offensive, philistine, inelegant, obscene, profane, boorish, tawdry, ignominious, ill-bred, gross, broad, glaring, graceless, crass, rank, crude, cockney, ignoble, cheap, indelicate, shameless, homespun, vulgar, scandalous, earthy, tactless, unbecoming, sordid, revolting, barbaric, unpolished, outlandish, rough, in bad taste, degraded, low, idiomatic, base, sleazy, rude, raw, colloquial, brutish, tasteless, coarse-grained, unseemly, gaudy, undignified, chintzy, barnyard, animal, brazen.


insolent, impudent, smart. prickly, lewd, textured, ribald. poor, second-rate. scabrous, cragged, uneven, craggy, Ironbound. coarse (noun)
mealy, granulose, earthy, open, inferior, granular, coarse-grained, sandy, grainy, crude, vulgar, loose, gross, uncouth, unrefined, indecent, granulated, gritty, farinaceous, common.

Other synonyms:

Fescennine, textured, cragged, scatologic, Ironbound, lewd, raunchy, prickly. smutty, dirty, uneven, uncultivated. filthy. nasty. indecent
indecent, scurrilous.

Usage examples for coarse

  1. The hair on his neck is long and coarse – The-Burgess-Animal-Book-for-Children by Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)
  2. And it seemed a foolish question- with the feel of the coarse sheets and the smell of the close room, and Mr. Beale's voice saying, " Rouse up, nipper, there's sossingers for breakfast." – Harding's luck by E. [Edith] Nesbit