Synonyms for Splendid:


beautiful (adjective)
finished, charming, flowerlike, beautiful, radiant, glamorous, graceful, sublime, bonny, good-looking, lovely, becoming, shapely, stunning, angelic, dazzling, refined, polished, quaint, pleasing, eye-filling, ravishing, fair, superb, comely, elegant, pretty, picturesque, ornamental, belle, enchanting, attractive, gorgeous, breathtaking, handsome, exquisite, sightly, resplendent.
excellent (adjective)
classic, select, prime, choice, fine, all-star, capital, superlative, above par, superior, A 1, blue-ribbon, exemplary, excellent, exquisite, A plus, ace.
good (adjective)
commendable, topnotch, good, pleasant, laudable, benign, beneficial, nice, praiseworthy, fine, five-star, worthwhile, excellent, admirable, first-rate, worthy, favorable, exemplary.
luxurious, expensive (adjective)
dazzling, beautiful, splendiferous, marvelous, grandiose, grand, elegant, magnificent, imposing, impressive, radiant, resplendent, gorgeous, brilliant, superb.
superior (adjective)


GOTCHA, hooray, yippee, thank God/goodness/heaven(s), will wonders never cease?, AAH. enjoyable, cheerful, Splendorous, restful, relaxing, proud, pleasurable. capital, a-one, banner, bully, topflight, champion, dandy, tophole, boss, quality, tiptop, terrific, top, blue-ribbon, swell, brag. groovy, cool, divine, fantastical, tremendous, hot, marvelous, wonderful, fabulous, neat, sensational, ripping, super, dreamy, nifty, fantastic. glorious (noun)
celebrated, illustrious, distinguished.
magnificent (noun)
grand, marvelous, imposing.
splendid (noun)
brilliant, beautiful, splendiferous, resplendent, magnificent, impressive, glorious.

Other synonyms:

blue-ribbon, a-one, tophole, Magnific, plum, noble, groovy, singular, proud, ripping, Splendorous, topflight, nifty, baronial, cushdy. grandiose, august, royal, regal, princely, majestic, imposing. dandy, marvelous, terrific, champion, stately, tremendous, lordly, tiptop. dreamy, sensational, wonderful, fabulous. boss. cool, hot, neat, divine. fantastical. quality. fantastic. sumptuous

Usage examples for splendid

  1. No doubt both had much to forgive, but she was a splendid woman. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. " Miss Trenchard's splendid he said. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  3. Wouldn't it be splendid – Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph C. Lincoln