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advancing - 127 results
progressing (verb)

improving, furthering, progressing, proceeding.

Other synonyms:

from all sides, up, direct, into, ahead, forward-moving, progressive, bound for something, across, forward, onward, oncoming.

Examples of usage:

But a change had come upon him with advancing years. - "Penrod and Sam", Booth Tarkington.

He roused himself, hastily advancing. - "The Salamander", Owen Johnson.

One could judge in looking over a Bible so marked whether they were advancing or going back in their Christian experience. - "Divers Women", Pansy and Mrs. C.M. Livingston.

Similar words:

advanced, advance, spark advance, patterned advance, cash advance, in advance, Second Adventism, Second Adventist, take advantage, association for the advancement of retired persons.

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