Synonyms for Becoming:


all (adjective)
Comme Il Faut, seemly, comely, decorous.
attractive (adjective)
beautiful (adjective)
enchanting, exquisite, sublime, belle, graceful, comely, ornamental, elegant, refined, glamorous, eye-filling, beautiful, radiant, resplendent, handsome, quaint, pleasing, lovely, superb, pretty, splendid, gorgeous, stunning, finished, good-looking, sightly, charming, fair, picturesque, flowerlike, shapely, bonny, attractive, dazzling, polished.
flattering (adjective)
comely, agreeable, attractive, effective, tasteful, fair, well-chosen, handsome, beautiful, seemly, pretty, graceful.
proper (adjective)
correct, good, Comme Il Faut.
suitable (adjective)
appropriate, proper.
suitable; appropriate (adjective)
correct, Comme Il Faut, decorous, fitting, decent, proper, right.


well-chosen, convenient, suited, possible, ideal, perfect. apt, appealing, nice-looking, correct, felicitous, eye-catching, knockout, happy, right, tailor-made, beguiling, adorable, captivating, appropriate, delightful. courtesy, de rigueur, respectable. becoming (noun)
Comme Il Faut, comely, decorous, flattering, decent, proper, seemly.


suiting (verb)
benefiting, fitting, Dovetailing, suiting, satisfying, serving.

Other synonyms:

de rigueur. appropriate, felicitous, tailor-made. apt, respectable. happy, right. comme il faut
Comme Il Faut.
Other relevant words:
correct, Comme Il Faut, suited, felicitous, respectable, fetching, decent, happy, apt, tasteful, good, de rigueur, proper, right, seemly, agreeable, decorous, tailor-made, appropriate, convenient, flattering.

Usage examples for becoming

  1. Jaeger looked back at him, his eyes becoming wide. – Indirection by Everett B. Cole
  2. Well, this was becoming interesting. – Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  3. I only wished to- night to call to your mind the advantage of two such men as you and I becoming friends. – A Victor of Salamis by William Stearns Davis