Synonyms for Rubbish:


denigrate, reproach, reprimand, find fault with, blame, rebuke, deride, put down, remonstrate, criticize. mumbo jumbo, stuff, spiel, twaddle, Double Dutch, drivel, gobbledegook, ravings. claptrap, remains, e-waste, bunkum, blather, ruin, poppycock, bunk, idiocy, tommyrot, bilge, knowledge, rigmarole, landfill, bull, tomfoolery, hooey, piffle. frivolity, gimmick, snake oil, dreck, muck, white elephant, frippery. deception (noun)
garbage (noun)
litter, offal, trash, debris, refuse, waste, junk.
guff (noun)
nonsense (noun)
rot, hooey, balderdash, hogwash, poppycock, bilge, drivel, bunkum, tommyrot.
rubbish (noun)
folderol, trash, trumpery, applesauce, tripe, wish-wash, codswallop.
substance (noun)
trash (noun)
untruth (noun)
falsehood, balderdash, baloney, malarkey, fib, rot, untruth, fallacy, hogwash, falseness, lie.
waste (noun)
leakage, Dejecta, Filings, slop, effluent, residue, waste, refuse, detritus, debris, garbage, despoilment, remnant, offal, junk, chaff, decay.

Other synonyms:

snake oil, white elephant, tommyrot, Double Dutch, spiel, mumbo jumbo, frippery, bilge, gimmick, ravings, gobbledegook, hooey, piffle, bunkum. bunk, blather, rigmarole, twaddle, frivolity. claptrap, drivel, bull. poppycock, tomfoolery, idiocy. stuff.

Usage examples for rubbish

  1. " Rubbish do you call them," replied she, " your wife, your daughter, and one who may be your son?" – Trial-of-Mary-Blandy by Roughead, William
  2. To this I got but an indifferent answer, except it was to say, that his countrymen, having cleared the interests connected with the subjects from the rubbish of time, and set everything at work, on the philosophical basis of reason and common sense, were exceedingly desirous of knowing what other people thought of the success of the experiment. – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper
  3. We had hit the very place we should have chosen, for just below us was a heap of rubbish which came some way up the wall, and we were now on the outside of the prison. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston