Synonyms for Rubble:


wreckage, blight, blister, chip, ruin, bruise, blemish, wreck, burnout, wrack, breakage, leftover, break, burn. remains (noun)
debris, wreckage.
rubble (noun)
detritus, debris, dust, junk.
ruins (noun)

Other synonyms:

ruin. wreckage. wreck. Other relevant words:
blight, wrack, blemish, burn, wreck, ruin, blister, wreckage, burnout, leftover, bruise, breakage.

Usage examples for rubble

  1. The rude brick, adobe, or rubble work, left in the rough, or plastered and whitewashed, would have been preferable to their unmeaning patches of color. – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James