Synonyms for Fight:


fisticuffs, flare up, altercation, wrestling match, contention, fray, row, controversy, argument, estrangement, rhubarb, collision, go, pitched battle, rivalry, game, incursion, duel, competition, joust, quarrel, hassle, clash, brush, free-for-all, discord, mix up, scrimmage, mission, dissension, difficulty, donnybrook, run-in, rumpus, tiff, round, squabble, showdown, affray, feud, fuss, tilt, melee, disturbance. pugnacity, a war of words, belligerence, hardihood, courage, mettle. energy, resolve, determination, tangle, will, aspiration, quibble, dynamism, ambition, bicker, perseverance, spat, motivation, wrangle. corner, bare-knuckle, bantamweight, wrestle, count out, boxing, boxer, box, arm-wrestling. chase, trial run, effort, stand. try, press for, attempt, work, try for, strive, strain, go after, push for. running battle, fist fight. race. take on, jostle, hold on. master, deal with, bottle up, hold in, conceal, keep back. duke, face off, square off, tangle with. fire, discharge, let off, aim, load, fire off, cover, open up. dissent, take issue with someone/something, differ, react against, reject. someone's getting there, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, be halfway there, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), someone should/will go far, have something in your pocket, be onto a winner, be in/out of the running, you can't go wrong. attack (noun)
furor, raid, bombardment, charge, thrust, outbreak, onslaught, foray, offense, riot, combat, sortie, warfare, strike, war, tirade, storm, aggression, barrage, bloodshed, spasm, siege, invasion, battle.
battle (noun)
engagement, combat.
battle royal (noun)
pitched battle.
competition (noun)
rivalry, contention.
conflict (noun)
courage, will to resist (noun)
belligerence, aggression, hardihood, attack, mettle, pugnacity, resistance.
disagreement (noun)
disorder (noun)
face-off (noun)
face off.
fight (noun)
bout, struggle, fighting, engagement, campaign, press, battle, agitate, conflict, crusade, competitiveness.
fight back (noun)
check, suppress, bottle up, resist, repress.
fight off (noun)
crusade, quarrel, dissension, drive, argument, contest, disagreement, struggle, repel, free-for-all, tussle, attack, row, aggression, disturbance, confrontation, donnybrook, resist, determination, rebuff, warfare, duel, clash, scuffle, bloodshed, bout, dispute, discord, combat, campaign, brawl, conflict, battle, fray, fracas, engagement, brush, war, altercation, riot, melee.
fisticuffs (noun)
opposition (noun)
challenge, repulsion, disagreement, antagonism, interference, defiance, rebuff, repression, dispute, counteraction, adversary, confrontation, protest, counterattack, objection, opposition, suppression, conflict, inhibition, hindrance, impediment, friction, obstinacy, obstruction, contradiction, resistance.
physical encounter (noun)
difficulty, melee, engagement, fisticuffs, argument, controversy, dispute, scuffle, riot, hostility, struggle, battle, row, affray, feud, contest, war, rivalry, disagreement, quarrel, tussle, fracas, conflict, scrimmage, brawl, broil, duel, dissension, confrontation, combat, brush, contention, bout, fuss, free-for-all, fray, clash, tiff, altercation, round, joust.
resistance (noun)
revenge (noun)
scrimmage (noun)
violence (noun)
fierceness, vehemence, barbarity, attack, brawl, broil, outrage, savagery, assault, fracas, torture, atrocity, fury, thuggery, violence, insurrection, ferocity, vandalism, turmoil, uproar, frenzy, abuse, terrorism, destructiveness, brutality, brutishness, rage, commotion, wildness, inhumanity, intensity.
warfare (noun)
hostility, scuffle, drive, tussle, warpath, contest, scramble, engagement, campaign, crusade, offensive, struggle, jihad, guerre.


attack (verb)
savage, flay, hammer, harry, lash, assail, batter, violate, pound, scorch, invade, slash, trounce, bombard, scathe, scarify, lunge.
battle (verb)
competition (verb)
conflict (verb)
fray, contention.
engage in physical encounter (verb)
box, flare up, wrangle, tilt, challenge, wrestle, bicker, assault, resist, strive, repel.
oppose (verb)
disagree, interfere, counter, counteract, repress, intercept, inhibit, defy, impede, meddle, cross, obstruct, suppress, repel, resist, repulse, oppress, antagonize, check, contradict, oppose, object, hinder, confront.

Other synonyms:

jostle, discord, fist fight, tangle with, run-in, disturbance, row, rumpus, square off, flare up, competition, running battle, showdown, quarrel, rhubarb, affray. controversy, fire off, bicker, brush, pugnacity, collision, tilt, pitched battle, squabble, joust. duke, spat, belligerence, hold on, hassle. quibble, argument. race, let off, take on, tangle. open up, fire. load, difficulty, clash. discharge. cover. altercation
wrestling match.
tiff, feud.

Usage examples for fight

  1. You has to see 'em, and fight 'em, too. – The Spirit of the Border A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley by Zane Grey
  2. I could not stay to fight you then. – Foes by Mary Johnston
  3. They know what they believe and what they want to fight for. – The Long Lane's Turning by Hallie Erminie Rives