Synonyms for Rage:


fashionable (adjective)


annoyance, asperity. convulsion, chant, bitterness, gall, conniption, apoplexy, conniption fit, ferment, tantrum, fireworks, blowup, excitement, scream, explosion, spleen, cry out, acerbity, bellow, outburst, shout, umbrage, call out, spasm, fit, acrimony, cry, paroxysm, hemorrhage, raving, eruption, yell, huff. intimidation, barbarism, style, fashion, road rage, saber rattling, mode, coercion, trend, vogue. feelings, bubble, irateness, hold out, persist, outlive, proceed, wrathfulness, go along, live, live on, go on, remain. concern, enthusiasm. thing, usual. steam, fly off the handle, blow a gasket, blow a fuse, blow up, bristle, get hot under the collar, breathe fire, foam, The, boil over, flare up, red, burn. agitation (noun)
craze (noun)
excitement (noun)
extreme anger (noun)
convulsion, apoplexy, rampage, outburst, violence, ferocity, tantrum, fireworks, passion, ferment, frenzy, hemorrhage, eruption, madness, storm, uproar, furor, huff, bluster, asperity, excitement, gall, spleen, vehemence, explosion, squall, fury, raving, blowup, bitterness, spasm, acerbity, umbrage, acrimony, paroxysm.
fashion (noun)
modish (noun)
study at anger, in style, fashion, popular, fashionable, in vogue, much in demand.
rage (noun)
furor, craze, madness, fad, storm, fury, furore, cult, passion, ramp.
something in vogue; popular notion (noun)
enthusiasm, thing, style, cry, fad, fashion, craze, mode.
violence (noun)
ferocity, vandalism, abuse, terrorism, intensity, thuggery, frenzy, attack, brawl, uproar, brutality, atrocity, outrage, broil, destructiveness, fight, inhumanity, brutishness, savagery, insurrection, commotion, fracas, barbarity, vehemence, torture, fury, wildness, violence, assault, fierceness, turmoil.


be angry (verb)
boil over, blow up, blow a fuse, fume, seethe, scream, steam, fly off the handle, bristle, rant, roar, erupt, yell.
blow (verb)
breeze, blow, draft, bluster, wail, puff, roar, exhale, ventilate, storm, gust, squall.
rage (verb)
rant, explode, boil, rampage, erupt, fume, seethe.
stative (verb)
ramp, storm.

Other synonyms:

barbarism, call out, asperity, scream, saber rattling, acrimony, annoyance, shout, irateness, cry out, yell, coercion, road rage, enthusiasm, bellow, cry, wrathfulness, apoplexy, conniption, flare up. bristle. chant, foam, fashion, trend. mode, style. blow up. burn. thing. annoyance
boil over, flare up.
Other relevant words:
apoplexy, acerbity, convulsion, coercion, furore, breathe fire, cult, bellow, yell, raving, passion, fashion, acrimony, chant, scream, annoyance, enthusiasm, madness, conniption fit, excitement, live, thing, bubble, hemorrhage, fit, steam, style, spasm, boil over, asperity, umbrage, concern, foam, vogue, ramp, go on, explosion, wrathfulness, paroxysm, ferment, persist, remain, furor, get hot under the collar, fireworks, intimidation, proceed, barbarism, fashionable, blow a gasket, red, conniption, tantrum, blow up, spleen, cry, fly off the handle, huff, irateness, shout, blow a fuse, feelings, usual, saber rattling, popular, outburst, gall, bristle, blowup, outlive, mode, trend, fad, The, craze, burn, bitterness, eruption.

Usage examples for rage

  1. With rage he will go up, laughing come down. – The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay by Maurice Hewlett
  2. In great rage he left the house. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  3. I am hardly ever seen in a rage and I never hated any one. – Reflections Or, Sentences and Moral Maxims by Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld