Synonyms for Ferment:


behave, calcify, aerate, the carbon cycle, behavior, balanced equation, bond, action, adsorb, assay. change, tumult, hubbub, catalyst, turbulence, bedlam, leaven, commotion, uproar, leavening, pandemonium, yeast. burn, The, smolder, simmer, boil, bubble. agitation, uprising (noun)
hubbub, tumult, commotion, uproar, unrest, disturbance, turbulence.
ferment (noun)
sour, fermentation, zymosis, work, agitation, turn, unrest, fermenting, zymolysis.
leaven (noun)
leavening (noun)
state (noun)
agitation, fermentation, unrest.
stir (noun)
substance causing chemicals to split into simpler substances (noun)
simmer, yeast, leavening, leaven.


change (verb)
derange (verb)
hash, jumble, scatter, misplace, mislay, mess, swirl, toss, perturb, dislocate, discompose, tamper, rumple, roughen, scramble, blur, ripple, muss, tumble, clutter, confuse, rummage, disorder, disarrange, mix up, roil, capsize, trouble, botch, tousle, derange, ruffle, disturb, muddle, agitate, upset, displace, whisk, convulse, disorganize, whip, dishevel, confound, churn, meddle.
motivate (verb)
jerk, propel, instigate, jolt, stimulate, jog, hasten, push, hurtle, knock, encourage, jostle, induce, launch, sling, trigger, poke, nudge, lob, fling, motivate, goad, fire, force, heave, bump, drive, shoot, shove, punch, throw, hurl, catapult, entice, urge, provoke, move, pitch, magnetize, ram, thrust, strike, prompt, impel, energize, prod, foment, inspire.
split into simpler substances; be agitated (verb)
churn, foment, boil, work, sour, bubble, provoke.

Other synonyms:

leaven, leavening, Sturm Und Drang. boil, disturbance, smolder. catalyst. simmer, bubble. burn. agitate

Usage examples for ferment

  1. She made no further ferment about what had happened. – A Houseful of Girls by Sarah Tytler
  2. Nevertheless, the ferment of political and social life had seldom been greater. – The Testing of Diana Mallory by Mrs. Humphry Ward