Synonyms for Question:


body search, puzzle, book, arrest, mystery, bounty hunter, enigma, breathalyze, apprehension, bust, apprehend, Breath Test. pick someone's brains, proposal, put to, put someone on the spot. beside the point, leading question, irrelevant, rhetorical question, questionnaire, immaterial. subject matter, ground, easy, referent, item, can of worms. have an idea, mistrust, have mixed feelings about something, certain, have second thoughts (about something), um and ah, be in doubt. shake someone's belief/confidence/faith, call something into question/doubt, cast doubt on something, sow fear/doubt/confusion etc.. appeal (noun)
asking for answer (noun)
query, inquiry, interrogation, inquiring, catechism, examination, inquisition, inquest, poll.
communication (noun)
controversy, doubt (noun)
puzzle, dispute, mystery, debate, argument, challenge, enigma, contention, problem.
doubt (noun)
dubiousness, doubtfulness.
issue, point at issue (noun)
topic, proposal, point, theme, subject, motion.
question (noun)
examination, doubt, head, exploration, doubtfulness, interrogate, interrogation, interview, contemplation, interpellation, interrogative sentence, dubiousness, call into question, enquiry, query, oppugn, motion, inquiry, inquest, interrogative.
request (noun)
wish, query, want, summons, appeal, probe, petition, urge, desire, demand, entreaty, solicitation, plea, requisition, request, bid, invitation, inquiry.


ask for answer (verb)
seek, examine, probe, interrogate, inquire, catechize, investigate, quiz, petition, solicit, interview.
doubt (verb)
wonder, mistrust, vacillate, doubt, call into question, disbelieve, suspect, distrust, waver.
question (verb)
survey, explore, catechize, challenge, examine, dispute, interpolate, investigate, delve, interrogate, quiz, ask, poll, debate, canvass, contemplate.
request (verb)
summon, plead, invite, solicit, seek, inquire.

Other synonyms:

questionnaire, can of worms, inquisition, rhetorical question, um and ah, referent, subject matter, leading question. reservation, puzzle. put to, mistrust. reserve. ground. doubt

Usage examples for question

  1. They would never face the question – Malcolm by George MacDonald
  2. Why, William Henshaw, what a question – Miss Billy by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. That course was out of the question and this was the only other. – Dwellers in the Hills by Melville Davisson Post