Synonyms for Seek:


campaign, root out, advance poll, by election, beauty contest, elect, hunt up, fish for, direct elections, electioneering, disenfranchise, run after, look up, go after, election, dig out, chad. cast about, allow, bring before, bring, cite, arraign, affirm, appear. beg, insist on something, order, ask for, start. gather, scout, look into, dig, check up on, follow up. seek out, go through, look out for, search out, hunt down, pick through, scavenge. seek (noun)
essay, search, look for, attempt, assay, try.


ask, inquire (verb)
petition, request, query, invite, beg, solicit.
look for (verb)
go after, cast about, quest, follow, delve, explore, scout, search out, investigate, chase, comb, fish for, hunt, pursue, inquire, run after.
petition (verb)
claim, apply, hope, compete.
pursue (verb)
intend, track, chase, quest, aspire, strive, pursue, dog, trail, search, aim, stalk, harry, undertake, hunt, follow, endeavor, tail, sleuth.
question (verb)
delve, ask, interrogate, debate, challenge, contemplate, investigate, survey, explore, canvass, catechize, poll, dispute, interpolate, examine, quiz.
request (verb)
petition, requisition, request, invite, inquire, question, plead, want, query, appeal, urge, desire, wish, probe, demand, summon, bid, solicit.
search (verb)
look for, rifle, rummage, pry, peer, sift, comb, scour, winnow, forage, peek.
try, attempt (verb)
endeavor, strive, essay, assay, aim, undertake.

Other synonyms:

go after. look up. start. court
run after.
ferret out
hunt down, dig out, search out, root out.
look up
seek out.
request, ask.

Usage examples for seek

  1. Thus the full answer to whom do you say that they seek – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  2. Seek first some sleep. – The Rhesus of Euripedes by Euripedes