Synonyms for Consult:


clear the air, canvass, talk through. have, collect, pick someone's brains, shall, sound out, powwow, words, ask around, look to. delve, check up on, follow up, investigate, look into, gather, research, scout, dig. consult (noun)
look up, confabulate, confer, refer, take counsel, confab, confer with.
take counsel (noun)
check with, turn to, conspire with, compare notes, negotiate, k the opinion of, interview, counsel with, advise with, ask advice of, be closeted with, take up with, call-in, refer to, consider with, talk over, put heads together, huddle, ask, k advice.


advise (verb)
inform, warn, direct, instruct, advocate, admonish, cue, guide, advise, encourage, brief, counsel, recommend, confer, suggest, caution, prompt, notify.
ask, confer (verb)
confab, discuss, powwow, debate, talk over, take counsel, confabulate, huddle, refer to, argue, turn to, negotiate, compare notes, put heads together, interview, be closeted with, ask advice of.
converse (verb)
chat, argue, talk, debate, discuss, converse, meet, parley, confront.

Other synonyms:

sound out, negotiate, ask around. call-in, shall, talk through. canvass. have. approach
sound out.
talk over.
talk over.
Other relevant words:
talk over, huddle, ask advice of, put heads together, negotiate, turn to, ask, research, powwow, canvass, compare notes, confer with, take up with, interview, confab, have, confabulate, look up, be closeted with, refer, advise with, take counsel, sound out, refer to.

Usage examples for consult

  1. He tried to consult his father about it, but Mr. Pilkings said he had no time for romances, and he advised Hildebrand to learn his lessons and stick to the truth. – Oswald Bastable and Others by Edith Nesbit
  2. Turning about as if to consult it, she told the following story. – The Millionaire Baby by Anna Katharine Green