Synonyms for Lurk:


procrastinate, temporize, delay, conceal oneself, hesitate, wait, play for time, steal, wait around, sneak, hold off, put off, sit on, hide, prowl. move, await, loom, glide, mouse, be heading/headed for something, slink, slip, slide, creep, lie ahead, gumshoe, waiting to happen, threaten, lie ahead/before/in store, snake, pussyfoot, call for. lurk (noun)
waylay, loiter, bushwhack, scupper, hang around, lollygag, ambuscade, ambush, loaf, lie in wait, mill around, mess about, mill about, lallygag, lounge, footle, tarry, skulk, linger.


hide; move stealthily (verb)
gumshoe, slip, lie in wait, slink, steal, wait, sneak, skulk, conceal oneself, slide, creep, snake, prowl.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

prowl, threaten, lie ahead. loom, call for, await, sneak, pussyfoot. steal, creep. slip. snake. slide, glide. prowl
lie in wait.
Other relevant words:
mouse, snake, hide, pussyfoot, sneak, wait, slide, glide, gumshoe, slink, loom, steal, slip, conceal oneself, prowl, creep.

Usage examples for lurk

  1. The shadows lurk along the shore, Where, as our row- boat lightly passes, The ripples startled by our oar, Hide murmuring 'neath the hanging grasses. – Point Lace and Diamonds by George A. Baker, Jr.
  2. Part of the way the road led through a heavy growth of timber, and as Dick and Tom were making their way past this point, talking enthusiastically of what they had seen in the city, and never thinking that danger might lurk near, they were suddenly set upon by four youths of about their own age- no others, in fact, than Zeke Boggs, Lem Hicks and two other Tory sympathisers of the neighborhood. – The Dare Boys of 1776 by Stephen Angus Cox