Synonyms for Shake:


unburden (adjective)


get away, break away, break for, bolt, make off with, escape, break out, make a break (for something), flee. jiggle, wobble, bounce, repetition. roll, twitter, oscillation, vibration, wiggle, toing and froing. bitters, buttermilk, cappuccino, club soda, cider, americano, angostura, chocolate, Chai, brew. bucketful, boxful, displace, bucket, basket, dislocate, bag, boatload, dessertspoon, cartload, box, move, armful. disembarrass, reduce, lessen, clear, chip away, keep, release, relieve, shrivel, erode, weaken, moderate, disencumber, dilute, subside, rid, disburden, mute, unburden. lose, modulate, fall, break, slip, harden, seek, evade, choke, lift, rise, elude. appall, cradle, clutch, shock, consternate, hang on, grasp, daunt, hold tight, horrify, keep hold of something, grab, dismay, fear, grip, hold on. etiology, complication, pathology, aetiology, hallucination, dehydration, crisis, perforation, discharge. fit, contortion, flounder, contort, flail, fidget, convulsion, jerk, fidgety. earthquake (noun)
shake (noun)
handclasp, agitate, excite, judder, stir, shake up, tremble, waggle, sway, didder, shingle, milkshake, escape from, milk shake, rock, wag, shiver, shake off, handshaking, handshake, trill, throw off, stimulate.
substance (noun)
tremble (noun)
movement, pulsation.


agitate (verb)
jar, jolt, quake, agitate, stir, palpitate, perturb, fluster, quaver, twitch, quiver, upset, trouble, churn, disquiet, shiver, shudder.
motion (verb)
quiver, tremble (verb)
disquiet, agitate, discompose, jolt, ruffle, waggle, shudder, upset, shiver, churn, quaver, palpitate, convulse, move, perturb, twitter, rattle, quake, jerk, jar, sway, wobble, rock.
upset deeply (verb)
bother, daunt, unsettle, horrify, frighten, weaken, appall, dismay, intimidate, consternate.

Other synonyms:

disburden, disembarrass, consternate, disencumber, jerk, wobble. horrify, bounce, rid, oscillation, ruffle, fight off, dismay, survive, daunt, appall, pull through, toing and froing, displace, jiggle, twitter. elude, dislocate, unburden, respond, roll, move, evade. heal, bother, unsettle, relieve, revive, recover, rattle. release. lose, nurse. toss. slip. break, clear. avoid
shake off.
perk up
throw off.
wag, wiggle.
Other relevant words:
discompose, ruffle, flurry, convulse, agitate, evade, shingle, shock, trill, escape, shake up, rattle, elude, daunt, twitter, tremble, didder, rock, unsettle.

Usage examples for shake

  1. You will never shake hands with Me again as long as you live!" – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  2. He will also learn to " die," and shake hands when you tell him to do so. – What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games and Pastimes by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  3. As she came to the last line, her voice began suddenly to shake – The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich