Synonyms for Idea:


commitment, impression, construct. lore, Familiarity, experience, information, purpose, awareness, understanding, knowledge, sensitivity, consciousness, expertise. feeling, way, role. stance, attitude, intuition, hunch, stand, self-assessment, viewpoint, reputation, suspicion. planned, game plan, project, schema, layout. purport, import, significance, Significancy, meaning. belief (noun)
conviction, dogma, faith, creed, certitude, view, thought, doctrine, tenet, trust, philosophy, postulate, credence.
cognition (noun)
thought, mind.
doubt (noun)
fancy (noun)
hint (noun)
idea (noun)
musical theme, notion, theme, image, observation, inkling, inspiration, melodic theme, brainstorm, mind, estimation, estimate, thought, ideation, reflection, theory, approximation, perception.
imagination (noun)
supposition, Daydreams, fantasy, vision, dream, thinking, Dreams, contemplation, creativity, creation, imagination, brainchild.
intention (noun)
plan, goal, policy, choice, consideration, schedule, approach, intention, ambition, object, endeavor, wish, procedure, agenda, scheme, forethought, calculation, forecast, scenario, proposal, will, aim, expectation, strategy, prospectus.
intuition (noun)
meaning (noun)
sense, import, purport, meaning.
plan (noun)
design, premeditation, contrivance, plot, conception, invention, proposition, arrangement, chart, blueprint, coordination, anticipation.
something understood, planned, or (noun)
conception, doctrine, view, opinion, meaning, plan, aim, intention, scheme, import, impression, sense, concept, brainstorm, belief, conviction, notion, thought, understanding, perception, feeling, significance, design, viewpoint, purpose, object, suspicion, theory, approximation, inkling, hypothesis, estimate.
thinking (noun)
thought (noun)
topic (noun)
point, concept, assertion, argument, inference, problem, dissertation, premise, position, query, hypothesis, matter, motif, thesis, postulation, paradigm, text, theorem, presumption, exposition, belief, question, assumption, topic, axiom, conjecture, basis, essay, subject, statement, principle, issue, theme, contention, opinion.


means (verb)

Other synonyms:

commitment, schema, construct. layout, game plan, project, sense, intuition. Significancy, purport. significance. meaning. feeling. aim

Usage examples for idea

  1. " It is a good idea a very good idea – The-Burgess-Animal-Book-for-Children by Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)
  2. But how did the idea come to you? – Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas
  3. That was her idea of life. – The House of Torchy by Sewell Ford