Synonyms for Urge:


insist, continue. compulsion (noun)
incitement, duress, intimidation, coercion, obligation, motivation.
desire (noun)
fondness, hunger, longing, yearning, expectation, covetousness, eagerness, wish, amorousness, thirst, lust, acquisitiveness, passion, craving, Ardency, desire, itch, need, hope, greed.
motive (noun)
energy, impulsion, stimulation, magnetism, enticement, compulsion, motive, fomentation, facilitation, prompting, fermentation, goading, provocation, propulsion, induction, catalyst.
request (noun)
demand, probe, want, question, entreaty, bid, request, petition, inquiry, requisition, invitation, plea, summons, solicitation, query, appeal.
urge (noun)
urge on, barrack, itch, pep up, exhort, inspire, cheer, recommend, press, impulse.
very strong desire (noun)
itch, impulse, craving, longing, drive, lust, compulsion, wish, pressure, passion, yearning, motive, goad.


beg, push for, encourage (verb)
incite, solicit, compel, press, instigate, counsel, exhort, sanction, advise, push, endorse, induce, charge, force, promote, maneuver, ask, favor, propose, plead, attract, recommend, wheedle, further, implore, support, move, rationalize, hasten, spur, request, advance, impel, stimulate, speak for, tempt, prompt, inspire, propel.
coax (verb)
wheedle, cajole, implore, persuade, coax, enlist, charm, sway, seduce, convince.
communication (verb)
exhort, urge on, press.
compel (verb)
bully, stimulate, foment, spark, bulldoze, motivate, mandate, compel, cause, oblige, propel, dragoon, stress, intimidate, impel, browbeat, incite, press, pressure, hijack, goad, dictate, drive, coerce, galvanize, daunt, nag.
hasten (verb)
speed, spur, expedite, hurry, flurry, quicken, rush, accelerate, bustle, hustle, hasten, push.
motivate (verb)
jerk, shoot, ferment, magnetize, jostle, fire, force, ram, catapult, prod, fling, jog, entice, hurl, move, knock, encourage, heave, poke, lob, energize, provoke, trigger, hurtle, instigate, throw, launch, prompt, induce, sling, punch, bump, inspire, strike, shove, thrust, nudge, jolt, pitch.
plead (verb)
request (verb)
plead, invite, seek, inquire, summon, solicit.

Other synonyms:

beg, counsel, promote, ask, would, advise, inclination. admonish, ache. insist, guide. advise
talk into.
appeal, beg, ask.

Usage examples for urge

  1. Your health seems to me mainly to depend on your moving, and I do urge your moving; if not there, elsewhere. – The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2) by Frederic G. Kenyon
  2. I dare not urge this. – Idle Hour Stories by Eugenia Dunlap Potts
  3. I always tried to urge him to see the matter in a different light. – The Gold Bag by Carolyn Wells