Synonyms for Pull:


extraction, excite, row, enthuse, intrigue, inspire, motivate, fire someone with enthusiasm, drawing, twitch, interest, dazzle, tearing. capillary action, centripetal force, strain, work, bonding, balance, absorbance, centrifugal force, air resistance, strength, calorific, amplitude. activate, flick, eject, energize, actuate, put in, coax, engage, flash. take, glitz, good looks, character, like, charisma, glamor. draw back, conjure, amuse, beat a retreat, appear, DO, retreat, retire, extemporize, fall back, emcee, forward, debut, entertain, go on. might, domination, oligopoly, monopoly, leadership, greatness. cessation, cold turkey, chain-smoke, ashtray, nicotine gum, draw on, habit, light up. chase, make a pass at someone, pair off, pick up, chat up, sweep someone off their feet, flirt, run after, have your eye on someone. sweep to/from power, represent, stand, campaign, stand for, canvass, hold. wound, disable, harm, bruise, injure, burn, cut. aim, let off, fight, fire, cover, fire off, discharge, load, open up. wrest, fish out. act (noun)
attraction (noun)
attraction, allurement, affinity, temptation, allure, traction, magnetism, lure, draw, enticement, attractiveness, fascination, appeal, charm, gravitation.
handle (noun)
handle, knocker, lug, spindle, crank, brake, stock, knob, trigger, shank, doorknob, brace.
influence (noun)
influence, sway, bias, motivation, mastery, importance, pressure, seniority, rule, predominance, authority, control, command, power, rank, supremacy.
pull (noun)
deplumate, displume, extract, pull out, take out, commit, rip, perpetrate, rive, pulling, overstretch, twist, deplume, draw, rend, puff, wrench, get out, root, tear, pluck, force, draw out, side.
traction (noun)


attract (verb)
enchant, entice, invite, magnetize, drag, captivate, seduce, engross, pick up, lure, draw, attract.
influence (verb)
leverage, weight.
motion (verb)
pull (verb)
tow, grab, yank, tug, jerk, haul.

Other synonyms:

tear at, pluck at, fish out. charisma, leverage. twitch. take, weight. trail. pressure

Usage examples for pull

  1. The doctor says he'll pull through if he can get care and good air and good food." – The Crisis, Volume 7 by Winston Churchill
  2. But how to pull her round the next corner, that is what I'm thinking." – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley