Synonyms for Advise:


give someone a steer, would, enjoin someone to do something, make known. mentor, opinion. meet, parley, deliberate, words, talk, collect, powwow. knowledge, acquaint, enlighten, educate. advise (noun)
counsel, send word, notify, apprise, propose, suggest, apprize, give notice.


advise (verb)
counsel, inform, caution, advocate, suggest, encourage, direct, warn, brief, notify, instruct, cue, admonish, recommend, confer, consult, guide, prompt.
caution (verb)
Forewarn, alert, exhort, enjoin.
communication (verb)
offer information (verb)
inform, notify, apprise, make known, tell, acquaint, report.
offer recommendation (verb)
exhort, counsel, admonish, urge, point out, instruct, steer, direct, caution, enjoin, suggest, guide, warn, dissuade, recommend, opine, prompt, prescribe, Forewarn, encourage, charge, advocate, preach.
warn (verb)
alarm, threaten.

Other synonyms:

preach, acquaint, would, tell, relay. point out, educate, urge. enlighten. report. parley. talk. teach
make known.
Other relevant words:
induce, apprize, acquaint, deliberate, make known, knowledge, parley, entreat, mentor, propose, charge, steer, point out, would, tell, words, apprise, educate, preach, give notice, coax, enlighten, opine, powwow, opinion, meet, report, relay, wise up, collect, persuade, teach, deliver, divulge, talk, urge, send word, prescribe.

Usage examples for advise

  1. But, sir, if you are going to talk in this tone, I would advise you to be careful. – The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford by Mark Rutherford
  2. Lady Tatham, I advise you to leave us alone! – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward