Synonyms for Mentor:


agent, acolyte, assistant, advance person, aid, administrative assistant, ancillary, aide, accomplice, ally. counsel, adviser, consultant, opinion. benefactor (noun)
Good Samaritan, patroness, supporter, benefactor, savior, protector, helper, Donator, provider, alms-giver, grantor, sponsor, guarantor, samaritan, patron, friend in need, contributor, donor, Aider.
mentor (noun)
wise man.
person (noun)
wise man.
person who advises (noun)
coach, instructor, guide, adviser, teacher, trainer, tutor.
teacher (noun)
educator, lecturer, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, counselor, professor, guru, guide, teacher, headmaster, advisor, coach, trainer, master, tutor, instructor.


advise (verb)
counsel, sponsor, aid.

Other synonyms:

consultant. counsel. counselor
Other relevant words:
counsel, adviser, consultant, wise man.

Usage examples for mentor

  1. I am come here to you, according to the advice of my heavenly Mentor I firmly hope that each of us will gain the desires of his heart. – Bagh O Bahar, Or Tales of the Four Darweshes by Mir Amman of Dihli