Synonyms for Leader:


cellist, drummer, bassist, busker, pilot, concertmaster, bandsman, accompanist, composer, lead, guide, drum major, fiddler. atmospherics, beat out, administration (of an estate), articulation, headman, blast away, arrange, accompany, back, executor, chieftain, bang out, blast. impresario, boy wonder, hotshot, baton, high-flier, top dog, success story, musician, performer, survivor. cartoon, introduction, byline, announcement, special, cheesecake, article, advice column, banner headline, bargain, commodity, classified ad, novelty, centerfold, artwork. come in, drop back, false start, come, usher, the blocks, clock, ahead, dash, show, shepherd, dead heat, escort. celluloid, document, dub in, cd, precede, dub out, audiovisual, audiotape, dat, number one, front-runner, dictaphone, dub. employer, demagogue, dictator, autocrat, over, honcho, the Establishment, enforcer, figurehead, hierarch. creel, barb, cockpit, bait, fishing line, drifter, fishing rod, decoy, dragnet, drift net. catkin, big-timer, corm, eminence, notability, character, lion, heavyweight, dignitary, someone, crown, bole, branch, notable, personage, chloroplast, vip, bough, muckamuck, somebody, big shot, bark, important, blossom, nabob, fig leaf, bigwig, big wheel. feature, words. chieftain (noun)
director (noun)
general, band master, conductor, baron, ringmaster, king, ringleader, administrator, magistrate, foreman, supervisor, taskmaster, superintendent, warden, boss, overseer, overlord, queen, mayor.
front (noun)
face, nose, avant-garde, front, forepart, anterior, vanguard, point, forefront, scout, bow.
leader (noun)
drawing card, loss leader.
master (noun)
guru, headmistress, senior, headmaster, mahatma, director, governor, principal, captain, squire, chief, sire, proprietress, proprietor, landlady, head, officer, star, ruler, titleholder, maestro, executive, manager, landlord, president, master, commandant, lord, commander, abbot, mandarin, kingpin, authority, mother, dean, quartermaster.
person who guides (noun)
director, superintendent, governor, lead, pilot, eminence, notable, manager, head, ruler, guide, conductor, dignitary, president, principal, general, shepherd, dean, superior, ringleader, captain, boss, notability, commander, officer, lion, chieftain, chief.
potentate (noun)
producer (noun)
someone (noun)
superior (noun)
paragon, wonderwoman, elite, champ, victor, premier, superman, aristocracy, prima donna, nobility, winner, exceller, virtuoso, superwoman, champion, sovereign, prodigy, superior, prize winner.

Other synonyms:

bigwig, survivor, hotshot, hierarch, guide, top dog, performer, big wheel, honcho, nabob, dictator, chieftain, headman, front-runner, high-flier, big-timer, muckamuck, success story, dignitary, boy wonder. notable, feature, number one, someone, shepherd, big shot, somebody. heavyweight, notability. escort, lion. eminence, personage. character. conductor
very important person
Other relevant words:
cellist, creel, figurehead, notable, catkin, big shot, fiddler, vip, atmospherics, escort, chloroplast, accompanist, character, back, dash, accompany, centerfold, audiovisual, honcho, dragnet, dictaphone, articulation, pilot, nabob, demagogue, number one, bough, branch, enforcer, come, blossom, loss leader, somebody, heavyweight, shepherd, lion, big wheel, impresario, novelty, dignitary, lead, audiotape, busker, high-flier, cartoon, corm, cheesecake, special, crown, barb, front-runner, performer, muckamuck, feature, musician, headman, bait, cd, drum major, commodity, concertmaster, bole, drummer, guide, bargain, important, hotshot, personage, big-timer, clock, ahead, decoy, chieftain, top dog, executor, dictator, bassist, announcement, over, blast, composer, hierarch, arrange, eminence, words, autocrat, introduction, dat, drawing card, usher, employer, byline, survivor, article, baton, show, artwork, precede, bigwig, bandsman, document, notability, celluloid, drifter, bark, dub, someone, cockpit.

Usage examples for leader

  1. " We'll see," retorted a leader moving forward. – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop
  2. But the leader of the - th never thought twice. – Marion's Faith. by Charles King
  3. Some leader I am, eh? – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow