Synonyms for Headmaster:


housemaster, faculty, headteacher, houseparent. dean (noun)
director, administrator, principal, superintendent.
master (noun)
governor, headmistress, landlady, president, chief, proprietress, commander, officer, quartermaster, abbot, commandant, landlord, leader, titleholder, head, guru, captain, mahatma, senior, manager, maestro, director, kingpin, squire, authority, proprietor, mandarin, mother, master, star, ruler, lord, principal, dean, sire, executive.
person (noun)
master, schoolmaster.
teacher (noun)
counselor, advisor, coach, teacher, professor, lecturer, trainer, schoolmaster, tutor, guide, mentor, educator, schoolmistress, instructor.

Other synonyms:

housemaster, headteacher. houseparent. faculty. Other relevant words:
faculty, housemaster, administrator, houseparent, superintendent, headteacher.

Usage examples for headmaster

  1. The discipline of the school was admirable, and the headmaster was penetrated with a most lofty sense of duty, but the methods of teaching were very imperfect. – The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford by Mark Rutherford
  2. Many stories, based on undoubted fact, are current as to the boy's proficiency on the pianoforte, even before he reached his teens; and while at Derby School, where his headmaster was J. R. Sterndale Bennett, a son of the composer, he played for the eleven- a somewhat rare combination of talents. – Shakespeare and Music by Christopher Wilson
  3. Fine warm days of that Indian summer so often experienced in the two counties in September and October were devoted to " going a nutting," and the headmaster of Appleby Grammar School never refused a holiday at that season, provided that each scholar brought him a quart of " leamers"- nuts sufficiently ripe to leave the husks without compulsory treatment. – Bygone Cumberland and Westmorland by Daniel Scott