Synonyms for Kingpin:


prime mover, leading light, authority figure, mover and shaker, figure, mogul, vip, magnate, a force to be reckoned with, eminence. authority (noun)
guru, executive, governor.
commander (noun)
commandant, ruler, director, captain, officer, head, chief, top banana.
director (noun)
leader, principal.
employer (noun)
proprietor, manager, president.
kingpin (noun)
headpin, kingbolt, top banana, swivel pin, bigwig.
master (noun)
governor, captain, manager, star, leader, mother, master, principal, landlord, lord, proprietor, abbot, guru, executive, sire, head, senior, headmistress, quartermaster, officer, landlady, proprietress, squire, titleholder, commandant, maestro, dean, director, ruler, mandarin, president, mahatma, authority, commander, chief, headmaster.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
kingbolt, headpin, swivel pin, mogul, top banana, vip, bigwig.