Synonyms for Crown:


commoner, abdicate, coronation, accession, dethrone, accede, depose, court, the crown. caretaker government, absolutism, autarky, headdress, Centralism, big government, anarchy, autonomy, coalition, banana republic, autocracy. insulate, bury, monarch, coat, king, royalty, blanket, queen, sovereign, wrap, potentate, recover, smother, emperor. high, archduke, aristocrat, consort, count, countess, aristocracy, baroness, baronetcy, baronet, baron. apogee, bit, payoff, fastigium, cent, C, dollar, ct, dime, dinar, Aud, euro. award, walk away with, sweep, take, letter, walk off with, carry off, recapture. bathing cap, bandanna, beret, boater, baseball cap, bonnet, biretta, balaclava, bearskin, beanie. bark, fig leaf, catkin, chloroplast, bough, corm, bole, branch. punch, batter, smack, bludgeon, beat up, beat, thump, stun, HIT. headless, cranial, scalp, nut. crag, the brow, divide, escarpment, Brae, cairn, brink. hatpin, plume, brim, chinstrap, cockade. challenge, the Commonwealth Games, clash, contest, close season, card, bye. shine, excel, trump, perform, make history, nail, distinguish yourself, upstage, smash a record. ducat, deutschmark, farthing, drachma, groat, dm, franc, fr, guilder. badge (noun)
emblem, insignia, ring, mortarboard, pall, orb, ermine, pin, scepter, mantle, seal, uniform, baton, badge, tartan, talisman, regalia, staff, tiara, signet, wand, coronet.
crown (noun)
capitulum, coronate, summit, treetop, crest, tip, pennant, diadem, pate, peak, top, poll.
dentistry (noun)
braces, cavity, caries, bridge, dentistry, amalgam.
head (noun)
cranium, pate, noggin, head, skull, bean.
royalty (noun)
sovereign, monarch, potentate.
summit (noun)
culmination, peak, climax, summit, limit, cap, pinnacle, zenith, apex, tip, highest point, top, acme, extremity, crest, brow, topmost point, uppermost point, maximum.
tiara for royalty (noun)
garland, headdress, coronet, wreath, diadem.
title (noun)
garland, place, title, reverence, colors, rank, honor, position, highness, decoration, shield, chevron, seniority, role, bestowal, grace.
top (noun)
elite, roof.
top; best (noun)
culmination, apex, peak, climax, head, tip, acme, roof, zenith, fastigium, pinnacle, summit, top, crest.
trophy (noun)
cup, monument, favor, ribbon, keepsake, memorial, memorabilia, remembrance, commemoration, souvenir, laurel, testimonial, palm, treasure, memento, wreath, prize, catch, trophy, plaque, marker.


be the culmination of (verb)
change (verb)
hit, usually on head (verb)
ornament (verb)
dandify, adorn, enrich, festoon, garnish, gild, trim, decorate, emblazon, bedeck, prettify, bedizen, ornament.
reward, dignify (verb)
coronate, adorn, honor, festoon.

Other synonyms:

coronation, dm, cairn, court, farthing, guilder, dime, franc, cockade, groat, bough, Aud, cranial, wrap, escarpment, fastigium, accession, insulate, dinar, euro, accede, ducat, drachma, catkin, fig leaf, chinstrap, the Commonwealth Games, Brae, headless, crag, bole, hatpin, plume, abdicate, apogee, deutschmark, dethrone, cent, dollar, corm, commoner, depose, payoff. brink, bye, sovereign, walk away with, carry off, walk off with, scalp, coat, recapture, recover, close season, smother. bury, beat, brim. fr, letter, bark, nut, blanket. sweep, bit, ct. award. C, challenge, divide. branch. clash. card. take. bonnet
carry off.
caries, cavity, amalgam, dentistry, bridge.
Other relevant words:
poll, sovereign, diadem, fastigium, dollar.

Usage examples for crown

  1. And always half a crown for Rosalie, as kind Aunt Belle was leaving. – This Freedom by A. S. M. Hutchinson
  2. I must have half a crown for that same. – Stories and Legends of Travel and History, for Children by Grace Greenwood
  3. The old Constitution of England undoubtedly gave a sort of power to the Crown which our present Constitution does not give. – The English Constitution by Walter Bagehot