Synonyms for Chairman:


ambassador, boss, businessman, administrator, chief executive, account executive, businessperson, businesswoman, director, agent, baron, moderator, capitalist. deputation, meeting, delegate, convener, contingent, discussion group. authority (noun)
chairperson, moderator, president, administrator, chairwoman, director, chair.
chairman (noun)
chairperson, president, chairwoman, chair.
person (noun)
chairperson, president, chairwoman, chair.

Other synonyms:

convener, deputation. contingent, discussion group. delegate. meeting. executive
Other relevant words:
chair, administrator, boss, convener, moderator, chief executive, meeting, director, contingent, delegate.

Usage examples for chairman

  1. It was, of course, the place of the chairman of the committee to speak. – Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney