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might - 185 results
Other synonyms:

action, major power, why not...?, over, sprightliness, say-so, skill, readiness, baron, greatness, monopoly, go, hell, thew, inconceivable, jurisdiction, perhaps, doubtful, must, susceptibility, peppiness, efficacy, for crying out loud, improbable, big businessman, leadership, capacity, used to, long odds, what if...?, may, get-up-and-go, shall, business leader, tycoon, give me strength, world power, I thought (that), horsepower, aptitude, can, ability, capability, strong, for pity's sake, king, you'll be lucky, cleverness, oligopoly, great power, dim, what's the big idea?, brother, there is no question of something, dominion, exponent, animation, top executive, dexterity, efficiency, how about...?, for heaven's sake/sakes, maybe, it's just a thought, power, sinew, index, magnate, mightiness, give me a break, ought, I don't suppose, firepower, potence, talent, should, mogul, what's that supposed to mean?, qualification, darn, superpower, competency, expertness, cannot, could, unlikely, remote.

Examples of usage:

You said I might, didn't you? - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.

" For if you do, I might say, what have I got to do with that? - "Dorian", Nephi Anderson.

I might better ask how you heard of it. - "Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World", James Cowan.

Similar words:

mighty, high-and-mighty.

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