Synonyms for Discipline:


obedience, rigor, self-control, mete out, hand down, teach someone a lesson, make an example of someone, decorum, deal out, self-restraint, orderliness, take the law into your own hands, restraint, moderation. greatness, force, drill, brainwashing, development, regulation, preparation, monopoly, exercise, limitation, training, regimen, oligopoly, might, indoctrination, regimentation. convention, branch, specialty, Standards, code, part, etiquette, the proprieties, conscience, ethics, morals. willpower, dignity, constraint, stiff upper lip, temperance, self-censorship, self-discipline. act (noun)
cognition (noun)
subject area, field, bailiwick, study, subject, subject field, field of study.
command (noun)
grip, grasp, commission, supremacy, coordination, prowess, authority, will, charge, power, sovereignty, law, reign, mandate, hold, sway, mastery.
control (noun)
direction, helm, management, conn, government, oversight, leadership, administration (of an estate), domination.
discipline (noun)
correct, field of study, sort out, check, subject, train, subject area, branch of knowledge, bailiwick, study, correction, subject field, field, condition.
field of study; subject of interest (noun)
course, branch of knowledge, specialty.
method (noun)
course, schema, tactic, process, approach, way, system, technique, mechanism, program, method, scheme, trajectory, procedure, manner.
penalty (noun)
deduction, abatement, premium, punishment, chastisement, penalty, forfeiture, retribution, correction, encumbrance, judgment.
preparation (noun)
punishment (noun)
correction, confinement, castigation, affliction, agony, revenge, persecution, incarceration, chastisement, execution, verdict, price, payment, imprisonment, crucifixion, reprisal.
regimen, training (noun)
limitation, indoctrination, drill, control, development, will, self-control, regulation, exercise, orderliness, willpower, self-restraint, restraint, preparation, method, strictness.
self-control (noun)
severity (noun)
coolness, sternness, bluntness, dryness, chilliness, briskness, oppressiveness, harshness, acuteness, strictness, abruptness, preciseness, keenness, matter-of-factness, rigorousness, grimness, intensity, causticity, starkness, stringency, meticulousness, bleakness, brusqueness, severity, crispness, frostiness, acerbity, leanness, sharpness, astringency, gruffness, correctness, authoritarianism, austerity.


command (verb)
coordinate, master.
control (verb)
command, pilot, steer, order, preside, bridle, rule, dominate, execute, lead, govern, control, direct, oversee, superintend, harness, supervise, manage, administer.
penalize (verb)
burden, fine, judge, drawback, abate, Retribute, handicap, penalize, correct, encumber, deduct, forfeit, punish, discount, chastise.
punish (verb)
anguish, pillory, torture, lambaste, reprise, agonize, sentence, chasten, confine, imprison, crucify, avenge, castigate, persecute, try, distress, Keelhaul, incarcerate, afflict.
social (verb)
train, sort out, correct, check, condition.

Other synonyms:

self-discipline, temperance, willpower, self-censorship, deal out, self-restraint, stiff upper lip, hand down. dignity, restraint. branch. specialty, scene, territory. discipline
Other relevant words:
self-discipline, preparation, indoctrination, temperance, regulation, moderation, regimentation, willpower, self-control, subject field, limitation, train, orderliness, branch of knowledge, code, field, scene, drill, territory, check, self-restraint, condition, development, bailiwick, field of study, decorum, sort out, regimen, study, constraint, specialty, exercise, branch, restraint, subject, subject area, training.

Usage examples for discipline

  1. There was an air of discipline over the ward. – Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. The captain died- it was thought that he was murdered- and the sailors, a brutal set even for those days, threw off all discipline seized the stores and arms, and starved the passengers into giving up their money. – Tales Of Puritan Land Myths And Legends Of Our Own Land, Volume 4. by Charles M. Skinner
  3. " Our men may not have the machine- like discipline that you affect," was the French officer's reply. – Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers by J. Walker McSpadden