Synonyms for Vitality:


spark, novelty, mystery, buzz, bite, fascination, color. soul, zest, a new lease on life, inspiration, body, spirit, enthusiasm, zeal, team spirit, breath, divine spark, psyche. vigorousness, tired, starch, dash, action, snap, punch. energy (noun)
energy, spirit (noun)
pep, strength, audacity, punch, snap, verve, venturesomeness, starch, endurance, animation, clout, stamina, life, intensity, ardor, zest, power, continuity, fervor, liveliness, robustness, spunk, vigor, vim.
health (noun)
salubriousness, liveliness, well-being, fitness, robustness, haleness, wholesomeness, hardiness, health.
life (noun)
spirit, nature, lifeblood, creation, animation, life force, life.
progression (noun)
starch (noun)
strength (noun)
muscle, firmness, energy, huskiness, potency, sturdiness, stoutness, strength, vigor, stamina, clout, power, brawn, might, stability, toughness.
vigor (noun)
vigorousness, starch.
vitality (noun)
vital force, vim, verve, Elan Vital, animation, life force, energy.

Other synonyms:

spark, enthusiasm, team spirit, divine spark, vigorousness, fervor. inspiration, fascination, psyche, novelty. mystery, breath, zest, punch. bite. soul. buzz. vividness
Other relevant words:
audacity, buzz, venturesomeness, vital force, divine spark, punch, zeal, bite, spark, body, ardor, mystery, fervor, spirit, color, fascination, continuity, pep, action, spunk, starch, breath, snap, verve, zest, dash, psyche, vigorousness, inspiration, endurance, intensity, novelty, tired, vim, soul, enthusiasm.

Usage examples for vitality

  1. Men walked lightly, breathed quickly, and their eyes were bright with the brightness of vitality and content. – Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker
  2. Sturdy vitality is a splendid foundation for sturdy character. – Heart and Soul by Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post)
  3. You are losing your vitality – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young