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drive - 767 results
Other synonyms:

lead, aggressiveness, chock up, hunting expedition, effort, longing, strike at, force back, case, ambition, driving force, get under one's skin, bowel movement, come, rebuff, get hold of, constrain, tug, sit, ram, fix, outing, drift, dive, lawsuit, take up, arterial, labor, initiative, razz, require, lust, apparent motion, take aim, ride, artery, jam, heart, grind, apparent movement, exploit, have, start out, commute, social movement, auxiliary device, instill, propel, emotion, charter, fill, skew, lug, cancel out, tantalize, stick, exact, beat back, street, jampack, labour, ingest, escort, propose, dumbfound, dedication, pilot, hook, liter, plunge, capture, color, hunger, mother, undertaking, postulate, crescent, run, A drive, kick, bugger off, backstreet, experience, find, task, take, work, read, campaign, fetch, travail, political campaign, turbine, demand, overshadow, buckle up, cram, let, take on, subscribe, storm, juice, passion, pick out, take in, father, feat, catch, implant, dash, wheel, bait, motor, sire, grow, AGP, stretch, use up, trace, turn, begin, resolve, care, arrest, taunt, esprit, corner, repel, shoulder, highway, crossing, hire, direct, turn on, push back, gravel, push, vex, pack, tool, driveway, mobilize, thrusting, sink, study, grip, determination, bus, backhand, incur, contract, dribble, conduct, block in, forge, crash, become, cruise, purpose, knife thrust, manhandle, Ave., mount, advance, taint, rag, toil, harm, lease, life, antagonize, obtain, suffer, give, pull, avenue, resist, anger, flooded, spin, exile, pound, send away, jar, drag, byroad, draw a bead on, arrive, impel, bm, call for, beltway, guide, advertise, starve out, temper, hardihood, banish, shoot for, stupefy, thirst, decide, freeway, select, fag, accelerated graphics port, throttle, teach, revolt, buzz off, byway, bear on, challenge, dip, herd, baffle, jabbing, rent, influence, try, pursuit, stir, look at, appetite, road, brand, twit, mystify, purport, starch, pining, causal agent, consider, acquire, frame of mind, ram down, haul off, expel, submit, thirstiness, consume, hound, undercurrent, set about, overload, craving, endeavour, feelings, row, engine, repulse, occupy, choose, devolve on, suit, accelerator card, bring, scram, repulse, wad, strive, offset, put in, advertize, chip, juggernaut, jones, oomph, front, urge on, ADC, repel, exploration, sustain, dairy, exertion, route, lunge, thruway, play, pack a punch, corral, gusto, chase, learn, base hardware, brio, crook, crate, develop, receive, deport, madden, amaze, endeavor, hustle, fight off, heavy lifting, aspire, motion, promote, two-cycle, moil, admit, budge, yen, point, calculate, pike, perplex, reason, claim, frustrate, gas, loose on, blast, deliver, shepherd, car-pool, causal agency, actuate, roll, cattle prod, push, appetency, bring forth, cow town, film, draw, get-up-and-go, tote, flight, snub, rally, crusade, sensation, thoroughfare, place, agitate, thrust, cost, bewilder, nonplus, drive someone mad, sweat, B-road, carry, attempt, bother, depend upon, causa, puzzle, mood, private road, strain, tax, accept, foul, deal, high road, get, hit, annoy, blacktop, contain, overwork, dynamism, Blvd., bypass, vinegar, horsepower, blitz, yearning, tease, thrust aside, hunt, expressway, bandwagon, movement, swamp, drill, train, moxie, carriageway, go, ask, circuit, transfer, safari, expedition, home run, irritate, thrust, your inner self, remove, carve up, dig, cross, stab, ball, hinge on, parkway, elbow grease, commence, gross out, withdraw, take away, flummox, pose, squeeze, rich, bridgeware, ride, excursion, assume, evict, tantalise, day trip, approach, impress, Dr., delivery, involve, itch, damage, driving, hinge upon, aspiration, hale, bounce, hankering, jab, box in, compel, cul-de-sac, spoil, beans, military campaign, inculcate, turnpike, drive back, infuriate, set out, smash, roadway, displace, cod, seek, convey, adopt, drive out, pay off, beget, get down, necessitate, perseverance, target, will, vitality, besiege, boulevard, beat, depend on, wedge, back up, hold, close, sap, trend, ginger, need, start, disgust, drudge, change down, subscribe to, lead to, pass, motility, pay back, poking, aim, cause, neutralize, back end, crowd, keep someone busy, stalk, letch.

Examples of usage:

So they kept on down the drive. - "Together", Robert Herrick (1868-1938).

We'll drive on to the house at once. - "The Children of Wilton Chase", Mrs. L. T. Meade.

I am ready for the drive. - "The Nameless Castle", Maurus Jókai.

Similar words:

self-drive, tape drive, slave driver, tank driver, truck driver, spin drier, tumble drier, smoke-dried, soft drink, rock drill.

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