Synonyms for Pants:


capri pants, bell-bottoms, bottoms, pantaloons, chinos, jeans, rompers, baggies, cargo pants, Chaps. underwear. clothing (noun)
costume, pillbox, windbreaker, dress, greatcoat, chemise, slacks, pea coat, crinoline, chapeau, sweater, housecoat, turtle-neck, corset, bathrobe, sari, wrapper, headdress, kilt, attire, slicker, stetson, doublet, skirt, parka, clothing, t-shirt, jacket, footgear, coat, sweat suit, blue jeans, frock, raincoat, dinner jacket, burnoose, brassiere, bonnet, cape, jersey, camisole, duds, garb, shorts, boot, shoes, gown, tuxedo, shawl, sweat shirt, trousers, pull over, blazer, jumper, v neck, tunic, homburg, trimming, dressing gown, trench coat, habit, stockings, shirt, fez, apparel, smoking jacket, afghan, robe, pajamas, pinafore, kimono, suit, poncho, pyjamas, cloak, caftan, beret, wrap, panties, evening gown, ulster, sports coat, garment, array, bowler, hat, scarf, sarong, petticoat, mackintosh, clothes, outfit, vesture, halter, blouse, nightgown, raiment, fedora, vestment, fur, topcoat, overcoat, smock, ensemble.
clothing (plural) (noun)
blouses, petticoats, kimonos, capes, pull-overs, t-shirts, costumes, greatcoats, hats, berets, blazers, vestments, parkas, windbreakers, shawls, Afghans, overcoats, dressing gowns, cloaks, chemises, brassieres, wraps, vestures, sarongs, burnooses, sweat suits, jumpers, frocks, turtle-necks, smocks, tuxedoes, halters, robes, wrappers, Doublets, fedoras, mackintoshes, crinolines, dinner jackets, Ponchos, shirts, ensembles, slickers, smoking jackets, headdresses, evening gowns, gowns, Habits, apparels, Boots, v-necks, bathrobes, Stetsons, Jerseys, pea coats, tunics, pinafores, Scarves, garbs, garments, suits, camisoles, topcoats, caftans, nightgowns, bowlers, sports coats, furs, kilts, bonnets, sweat shirts, trench coats, raincoats, outfits, sweaters, pillboxes, dresses, corsets, trimmings, jackets, coats, skirts, housecoats, saris.
drawers (noun)
pants (noun)
knickers, shorts, briefs, drawers, panties, bloomers, pantaloons, jeans, blue jeans, trousers, Chaps, slacks, chinos.
underwear (noun)
body, bra, body suit, briefs, bustier, BVDS.

Other synonyms:

jeans, rompers, underwear. pants
Other relevant words:
drawers, jeans, rompers, pantaloons, briefs, chinos, bloomers, knickers.

Usage examples for pants

  1. The swelling had disappeared from his feet and legs, and he had to buy new pants – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon
  2. If there was any one in the world- except Hetty- could make a man hate the idea of riding pants for women, she was it. – Somewhere in Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson