Synonyms for Launch:


beach, boater, canoe, the Admiral's Cup, berth, the America's Cup, Ahoy, anchor, boating, bail out. blast off, astronaut, apollo, communications satellite, cosmonaut, aerospace, dash, capsule, Cape Canaveral, shy, booster. get off, set out, set-to, set about, starting point, arrival, open, approach, take up, conception, embark, lead off, appearance, commence, kick off, take on, enter, beginning, inaugurate, initiate, start, undertake, begin. carrier, barge, coracle, cockleshell, canal boat, Bowser, bulk carrier. create, bring about, invent, form, catalyze, start-off, set off. closeout, clearance sale, fire sale, clearance, sale, swap meet, rollout, dog-and-pony show, garage sale. exit, log on, run, power down, log off, power up, sign on, abort, restart, boot. act (noun)
launch (noun)
launching, establish, plunge, mount, found, set in motion, set up.
motorboat (noun)
cabin cruiser, ship, boat.


begin, initiate (verb)
inaugurate, introduce, instigate, start, commence, originate, kick off, open.
change (verb)
motivate (verb)
hurtle, ferment, hasten, jostle, shoot, motivate, inspire, bump, instigate, knock, induce, move, punch, foment, entice, prompt, jolt, nudge, urge, magnetize, trigger, jog, jerk, energize, provoke, poke, strike, encourage, stimulate, force.
propel (verb)
pelt, heave, prod, compel, butt, lob, ram, cant, toss, precipitate, goad, propel, push, bowl, bunt, cast, hurl, fire, catapult, shove, impel, chuck, drive, shunt, thrust, throw, fling, pitch, flick, project, sling.
send off (verb)
shoot, set in motion, fire, hurl, sling, propel, heave, throw, fling, cast, toss, catapult, project, pitch, drive.

Other synonyms:

closeout, garage sale, initiate, rollout, fire sale, swap meet, peddle, begin, hawk, clearance sale. auction, embark, commence, start. beginning, retail, sell, inaugurate, sale. introduce, undertake, dash. clearance. originate. approach. enter. stock. begin
establish, set about, trigger, open, set in motion.
take off
blast off.

Usage examples for launch

  1. Mr. Fane, this is Miss- no, I won't launch on that name. – Aurora the Magnificent by Gertrude Hall
  2. It was the current, which was ripping along the hull at the rate that would have affected the speed of a powerful steam launch – Dan Merrithew by Lawrence Perry
  3. With a merry shout of greeting he ran on board the steam launch followed by all the other girls and boys. – Gerda in Sweden by Etta Blaisdell McDonald