Synonyms for Tool:


automation, automaton, Accouterments, big beast, array, clunker, black box, means. auxiliary, patsy, accomplice, messenger, jay, hayseed, stooge, stool pigeon, hireling, sitting target, dupe, accessory, servant, sitting duck, greenhorn, agent, prey, intermediary, come-on. bus, back up, block in, bypass, buckle up, carve up, car pool, change down, carry, box in. bits, cervix, over, cervical, beaver, cojones, bollocks. gadgetry, machine tool, pilot, wheel, drive, power tool, motor, move. instrument (noun)
appliance, equipment, widget, gimcrack, engine, gizmo, device, implement, facility, gimmick, contraption, apparatus, machine, utensil, instrument, doodad, gadget, utility, convenience, contrivance.
instrument used to shape, form, finish (noun)
appliance, machine, utensil, device, engine, apparatus, contrivance, implement, gizmo, contraption, gadget, means.
intervention (noun)
aid, mediation, vehicle, go-between, implementation, agency, facilitation, intervention, intermediate, expediency, instrumentality, medium.
person who allows himself to be used (noun)
auxiliary, puppet, hireling, intermediary, creature, accomplice, dupe, agent, medium, messenger, stooge, stool pigeon, go-between, patsy, accessory, greenhorn.
tool (noun)
edger, creature, pliers, puppet, hacksaw, chain saw, circular saw, jigsaw, planer, wrecking bar, posthole auger, tin snips, trowel, machete, sledgehammer, lathe, crosscut saw, instrument, tire iron, dick, scroll saw, wedge, level, lug wrench, wrench, arc welder, spoke shave, plane, shaft, peter, tool around, coping saw, jointer, axe, punch, Drill press, band saw, mallet, cold chisel, spanner, spade, miter box, screwdriver, file, saw, keyhole saw, square, shears, pickax, auger, snips, ripsaw, claw hammer, stapler, drill, Bow-saw, jackknife, scissors, scythe, awl, hammer, radial arm saw, welder, bench drill, joyride, calipers, pick, chisel, gouge, buzz saw, table saw, sickle, grindstone, ball-peen hammer, pipe wrench, knife, back saw, handsaw, grapnel, hatchet, hedge trimmer, hoe, monkey wrench, vise, shovel, crowbar, emery wheel.

Other synonyms:

agent, machine tool, stooge, gadgetry, power tool. motor, pilot. dupe. drive. Other relevant words:
creature, patsy, peter, means, dick, hireling, drive, tool around, agent, accessory, pilot, intermediary, auxiliary, wheel, motor, servant, dupe, gadgetry, puppet, messenger, automaton, joyride, accomplice, stooge, greenhorn, shaft.

Usage examples for tool

  1. And we've got his chief tool – Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails by Victor Appleton
  2. There was a tool shed there. – Sand Doom by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  3. It was most important therefore that the successor of Sixtus should be the tool of Spain. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley