Synonyms for Implement:


Accouterments, automation, big beast, clunker, automaton, array, black box. ensure, adopt, progress, go through with, put something into action, actuate, put/bring/carry something into effect, used, exploit, realize. discharge, DO, keep, perform. over, obligation, invoke. means. agent, tool (noun)
contraption, appliance, device, instrument, machine, apparatus, utensil, gadget, contrivance, equipment.
implement (noun)
carry out, put through, enforce, go through.
instrument (noun)
equipment, convenience, contrivance, gimcrack, device, machine, gadget, utility, engine, tool, doodad, instrument, gizmo, contraption, appliance, widget, facility, apparatus, utensil, gimmick.
tool (noun)
study at tool.


apply (verb)
utilize, effect, apply, exert, conduct, operate, practice, function, use, employ, serve, exercise.
intervene (verb)
mediate, expedite, intervene, aid, facilitate.
start, put into action (verb)
effect, perform, invoke, realize, carry out, enforce.

Other synonyms:

ensure, go through with, perform, progress. realize, exploit, adopt. invoke, actuate. discharge. DO. keep. apply
Other relevant words:
invoke, enforce, keep, progress, go through, discharge, DO, realize, perform, carry out, actuate, put through, means, exploit.

Usage examples for implement

  1. Mean what you say and say what you mean; call a spade a spade, it is the best term you can apply to the implement – How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin