Synonyms for Hack:


capture, back up, writer, author, artist, ghost, browse, call up, burn-in, archive, access, block. condense, bowdlerize, adapt, dramatize, vehicle, append, carriage, delete, censor, compress. see about, combat, deal with, take something on board, tackle, cleavage, face, make the best of something, handle, do something, address. critic, diarist, horse, compiler, copywriter, biographer, copy editor, amanuensis, commentator. apparatchik, commuter, desk person, chauffeur, breadwinner, career woman, designated hitter, driver, duty officer, auxiliary, ancillary, cowboy. carthorse, bay, arab, chestnut, brumby, arabian, bloodstock, charger, bronc, bronco. hail, cabbie, black cab, cycle rickshaw, cabstand, fare. gentlewoman, congresswoman, carpetbagger, Eurocrat, free marketeer, congressman, dove, congressperson, elder statesman, gentleman. finely, etch, cut out, clip. hack up, spit up blood, hacking cough, racking, cough, tickle. blemish (noun)
brand, eyesore, discoloration, drawback, blotch, sore, disfigurement, wart, stigma, deformity, spoilage, rift, scab, abrasion, fault, imperfection, lesion, impurity, defacement, weal, distortion.
cut without care (noun)
gash, clip, notch, chop.
driver (noun)
hack (noun)
drudge, hacker, hack on, taxi, whoop, cut, ward-heeler, hack writer, machine politician, jade, nag, plug, taxicab, chop, literary hack, cut-up, political hack, cab.
person who does easy work for money (noun)
taxicab (noun)
taxi, carriage, vehicle, cab.


blemish (verb)
scar, spoil, check, chip, blot, discolor, dot, blemish, damage, score, hurt, spot, freckle, notch, nick, flaw, slit, distort, deform, stain, mar, taint, splotch, speck, fracture, deface, pockmark, scratch, scuff, defect, kink, gash, fleck, mark, tarnish, disfigure, blister, scrape, abrade.
contact (verb)
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

cabbie, hack up, hacking cough, horse, black cab, cough, racking, cabstand, cycle rickshaw. etch, author, carriage. finely. fare. tickle. hail. cut out. aggravate
cut up
Other relevant words:
cabstand, political hack, hack writer, hacker, tickle, jade, nag, cough, driver, cabbie, chauffeur, bronco, carriage, literary hack, etch, cleavage, taxi, cut, horse, plug, racking, cab, artist, vehicle, whoop, clip, writer, ghost, hack on, drudge, condense, taxicab, congresswoman, congressman, machine politician, author, commentator, charger, ward-heeler, chop.

Usage examples for hack

  1. He does his business, but it is hack work. – Oxford by Lang, Andrew
  2. I hardly knew she was gone until I heard the station hack moving off. – The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. They wanted to go to the aid of those who were fighting, but it would have been utter madness to have attempted to land with a detachment in the dark and try to hack a way through the jungle. – Middy and Ensign by G. Manville Fenn