Synonyms for Rip:


crater, cleft, aperture, abyss, chink, cranny, cavity, channel, blowhole. author, call up, assemble, block, back up, run, burn-in, archive, help, burn, browse, access, capture. rush, scour, dash, deprive, repossess, rocket, haste, impound, hurry, bolt, race, zip, sail, confiscate, fly, flash, festinate, whirl, bucket, pelt, zoom, hotfoot, encroach, shoot, speed, highball, bustle, hustle, seize, flit, rob, scoot, nip, dart, whisk, wing, hasten, requisition, move, sprint, barrel, go off with, whiz, trot, fleet. flay, drub, headstone, gravestone, churchyard, roast, rake over the coals, graveyard, scorch, score, crawl all over, lash, praise, barrow, cemetery, slap, put someone on the hot seat, grave, blister, scourge, read the riot act to, scathe, slash, scarify, graveside, burial ground, put someone on the griddle, dolmen, excoriate, slam. fall apart, shatter, smash, splinter, crumble, break up. dent, gouge, pierce, puncture, bore, riddle. wrest, fish out. shred, tear up, rip up. opening (noun)
rent (noun)
rip (noun)
pull, rive, profligate, rend, rake, tear, tide rip, crosscurrent, split, riptide, rent, blood, roue.
tear, cut (noun)
rent, slash, slit, cleavage, split.


halve (verb)
fissure, branch, fork, slit, tear, bifurcate, rupture.
separate (verb)
disconnect, disengage, halve, detach, sever, uncouple, disassociate, cleave, divorce, amputate, pare, disunite, dismantle, Unfix, Unglue, break, excise, dissect, separate, disjoin, insulate, split, incise, estrange, scissor, divide, remove, segregate, unhinge, part, slice, disassemble, axe, bisect, dissociate, rend, fragment, alienate, cut, disarticulate, sunder, disaffiliate, disintegrate.
tear, cut (verb)
rend, rive, score, cleave, shred.

Other synonyms:

hasten, fish out, festinate, scour. flit, rocket, dent, hotfoot, highball, whisk, zoom, dart, scoot, rip up, riddle, bustle, rush. sail, sprint, pierce. bucket, flash, gouge, bore, whiz. fleet, shred, puncture, nip, hurry, haste, whirl, hustle. bolt, dash. fly, run. shoot. Other relevant words:
cleavage, pelt, burn, rob, aperture, pierce, gouge, hotfoot, flay, call up, splinter, barrel, wrest, hurry, riptide, scorch, rent, flit, scour, chink, slash, whirl, race, tide rip, highball, sprint, profligate, pull, puncture, scoot, cranny, cavity, shoot, hasten, festinate, rocket, rake, sail, dent, rip up, rive, flash, tear up, bolt, whisk, speed, zoom, shred, rush, run, whiz, bucket, dart, scarify, bustle, blood, channel, nip, dash, cleft, wing, score, hustle, haste, fleet, zip, trot, shatter, fly, roue, crosscurrent.

Usage examples for rip

  1. " I'd rather try to wake Rip Van Winkle," said Mary, in a tone that settled it. – The Story of a Doctor's Telephone--Told by His Wife by Ellen M. Firebaugh
  2. Just the same, I own up we've got to put a check on 'em before they rip the Blue Stockings wide open. – Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager by Burt L. Standish
  3. But you can't rip up those hills with giant- powder where you feel inclined, or set to work to root out some miles of forest. – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss