Synonyms for Statesman:


diplomat, congressman, elder statesman, dove, strategist, carpetbagger, congressperson, veteran lawmaker, minister, free marketeer, executive, representative, administrator, gentlewoman, Eurocrat, congresswoman, politician, gentleman, official, lawgiver. senator (noun)
statesman (noun)
solon, national leader.

Other synonyms:

diplomat. minister, politician. Other relevant words:
congresswoman, official, elder statesman, diplomat, strategist, minister, politician, representative, lawgiver, congressman, administrator.

Usage examples for statesman

  1. I compliment the diplomatic statesman – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. You as a statesman are not adequate to the politics of all this. – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  3. Being thus encouraged, Lucius, as probably many another statesman has done, considered it more advisable to take the chances of public strife than to live in the certainty of domestic unrest. – Roman Women Woman: In All Ages and in All Countries, Volume 2 (of 10) by Alfred Brittain