Synonyms for Speck:


blaze, band, patina, shading. marks, point. minim, big, scruple, ounce, tittle, dram, Ort, trifle, fragment. dapple, pepper, besprinkle, speckle, stipple, bespeckle, sprinkle, mottle. atom (noun)
scrap, bit, ounce, morsel, tittle, fragment.
attribute (noun)
bead (noun)
dab, drop.
blemish (noun)
tarnish, disfigurement, stigma, deformity, scab, discoloration, imperfection, pockmark, abrasion, fault, eyesore, spoilage, freckle, wart, lesion, blotch, defacement, impurity, sore, drawback, scar, distortion, weal, rift, taint, blister, brand.
crumb (noun)
dab (noun)
defect (noun)
scratch, deficiency, drawback, check, kink, shortage, rift.
dot (noun)
insufficiency (noun)
sparseness, scarceness, meagerness, deficiency, insufficiency, inadequacy, paucity, poverty, shortfall, shortage, scantiness, dearth, famine, stinginess, miserliness, skimpiness, niggardliness.
particle (noun)
trace, shred, granule, drop, dab, iota, pittance, bit, modicum, touch, crumb, smithereen, whit, atom, particle, dash, Flyspeck, morsel, smidgen, grain, mite, scrap.
speck (noun)
flaw, Flyspeck, particle, pinch, grain, stain, blemish, tinge, dot, hint, touch, whit, mote, blot, pinpoint, splotch, crumb, mark, speckle, defect, point, modicum, atom, fault, shred, soupcon, jot, iota, spot, trace, fleck, smidgen, molecule, mite.


blemish (verb)
splotch, kink, fracture, blister, notch, spot, nick, scratch, defect, pockmark, distort, blemish, disfigure, score, blot, damage, scuff, deform, dot, discolor, taint, abrade, flaw, stain, mark, scar, scrape, gash, fleck, chip, tarnish, spoil, hurt, hack, freckle, check, slit, deface, mar.

Other synonyms:

speckle, bespeckle, mottle, minim, trifle, dapple. stipple, ounce, patina, besprinkle, pepper, Ort, shading. scruple, fragment, blaze, dram, sprinkle. band. point. iota
dapple, mottle.
Other relevant words:
Ort, sprinkle, dram, molecule, scruple, stipple, bespeckle, pinpoint, blaze, jot, soupcon, ounce, besprinkle, minim, trifle, pinch, hint, mote, band, patina, speckle, dapple, fragment, mottle, point, pepper, tittle, tinge.

Usage examples for speck

  1. As the sun rose higher and higher, until it began to shine even on the northward- facing snow fields, a sharp- eyed private reported that he saw a black speck moving high up on the great white slope south of the valley. – Revenge! by by Robert Barr
  2. Far off, a mere speck could be seen a dim and indistinct object pointing upward from the cape like a finger. – The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise by Margaret Burnham
  3. Medicine Mountain showed a dark speck at its summit,- had she ever noticed that before? – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates