Synonyms for Blotch:


black eye, bedsore, boil, athlete's foot, abscess, blackhead. smear, smutch, smudge, marks, daub, smirch. attribute (noun)
splodge, splotch.
blemish (noun)
deformity, imperfection, scar, damage, drawback, speck, chip, brand, splotch, hurt, blot, sore, defect, defacement, slit, notch, score, nick, mark, scrape, spoilage, kink, wart, gash, freckle, fault, distortion, rift, blemish, pockmark, hack, discoloration, disfigurement, check, eyesore, stigma, spot, scab, blister, scratch, abrasion, fleck, tarnish, flaw, lesion, fracture, scuff, dot, weal, mar, impurity, stain.
blotch (noun)
splodge, streak, mottle, splotch.
imperfection (noun)
faultiness, incompleteness, deficiency, inadequacy.
smudge (noun)
mark, stigma, stain, blot, blemish, spot.
smutch (noun)


creation (verb)
mottle, streak.

Other synonyms:

athlete's foot, abscess, blackhead, boil, bedsore, smirch, black eye. smudge. blemish
Other relevant words:
daub, smear, splodge, bedsore, smirch, abscess, streak, boil, smutch, mottle, smudge.

Usage examples for blotch

  1. From one of our recent visits Sigurd had come back with a bleeding ear and a red blotch on the top of his head. – Sigurd Our Golden Collie and Other Comrades of the Road by Katharine Lee Bates