Synonyms for Error:


deviation, omission, slight, foul up, fluff, failure, lapse, Misbelief, blooper, slip up, screw up, solecism, miscue, faux pas, trip, erratum, absurdity, mix up, goof, Misreport, misstep, stumble, Misusage, bungle, Misdoing, mispronunciation, miss, wrong, botch. sin, transgression. correct. falseness, true. act (noun)
fault, mistake.
erratum (noun)
error (noun)
fallacy, typo, distortion, miscalculation, gaffe, misplay, defect, aberration, misprint, inaccuracy, blunder, misconception, fault, flaw, faux pas, slip, computer error, erroneous belief, oversight, misconstruction, erroneousness, misestimation, wrongdoing, falsehood, Misjudgment, mistake.
failure (noun)
crash, malfunction, debacle, failure, fiasco, collapse, breakdown.
falsehood (noun)
faux pas (noun)
faux pas.
mistake; wrong (noun)
fault, fallacy, transgression, faux pas, untruth, miss, goof, failure, lapse, wrongdoing, slip, inaccuracy, misconception, erratum, solecism, sin, blunder, miscue, omission, stumble, Misbelief, Misjudgment, slight, miscalculation, absurdity, falsity, deviation, misstep, oversight, falsehood, flaw.
misuse (noun)
wrongness (noun)
falsity, fallaciousness, illegality, perversion, faultiness, incorrectness, untruth, wrongness, badness.

Other synonyms:

falseness, foul up, miscue, mispronunciation, miss, bungle, blooper. misstep, mix up, goof, solecism. trip. fluff. fault
screw up.
slip up.
Other relevant words:
erroneous belief, Misusage, Misbelief, wrongdoing, sin, erroneousness, misstep, fluff, lapse, Misreport, misplay, faux pas, failure, wrong, screw up, stumble, blooper, botch, debacle, absurdity, erratum, fiasco, deviation, goof, trip, mispronunciation, breakdown, solecism, Misdoing, miscue, bungle, transgression, computer error, slight, omission, collapse, falseness, miss.

Usage examples for error

  1. For a second error of the same kind there could be no excuse. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  2. This is a manifest error on the parasite's part. – More Hunting Wasps by J. Henri Fabre
  3. Well, and if there's an error in these details, where is it? – The Loudwater Mystery by Edgar Jepson