Synonyms for Dapple:


dot, marks, bespeckle, besprinkle, stipple, sprinkle, pepper, speck. attribute (noun)
speckle, maculation, patch, fleck, spot.
dapple (noun)
mottle, speckle, fleck, maculation, patch, spot, cloud.


change (verb)
cloud, mottle.
speckle (verb)
dot, fleck, stipple, spot, sprinkle, mottle, besprinkle, speck, bespeckle.
variegate (verb)
colorize, striate, stripe, streak, marble, tessellate, color, freckle, check, fleck, checker.

Other synonyms:

bespeckle. pepper, besprinkle, stipple. sprinkle. dot, speck. speckle
Other relevant words:
maculation, besprinkle, pepper, bespeckle, dot, cloud, sprinkle, speckle, spot, speck, patch, mottle, stipple.

Usage examples for dapple

  1. My brother, said he, do not ride to- day The dapple as you're wont; but mount the horse Which I have chosen for thee. – The Death of Wallenstein A Play by Frederich Schiller