Synonyms for Contrive:


pull off, come together, create, accomplish, bring off, think up, be able to do something, improvise, triumph, attain. get by, achieve, succeed, bring about, negotiate, carry out, pass, effect, start-off, manipulate, inaugurate, afford, maneuver, wrangle, swing, manage, trigger, execute, set off, compass, engineer, shift, catalyze. strategize, lay, Frankenstein's Monster, breakthrough, creativity, work out, planned, coin, discovery, dope out, creative, development. dream up, concoct, hatch. contrive (noun)
project, excogitate, forge, cast, devise, invent, throw, formulate, plan, design.


bring about, succeed with difficulty (verb)
work out, effect, shift, carry out, arrange, maneuver, wrangle, swing, pass, compass, execute, negotiate, manage, achieve.
creation (verb)
plan, design, project.
invent, design (verb)
project, engineer, plan, devise, create, hatch, scheme, plot, manipulate, dream up, forge, improvise, formulate, concoct.
plan (verb)
coordinate, blueprint, conceive, arrange, expect, premeditate, propose, chart, invent, plan, aim, plot, scheme, anticipate, design, intend.

Other synonyms:

Frankenstein's Monster, creativity, strategize. coin, breakthrough, manage, create. concoct. discovery, creative, hatch. lay. development. coin
think up.
dream up, devise.
make up
get by.
Other relevant words:
discovery, accomplish, lay, compass, cast, wrangle, strategize, improvise, think up, development, creative, triumph, effect, inaugurate, bring about, concoct, dream up, coin, forge, formulate, maneuver, devise, project, pass, carry out, achieve, swing, throw, execute, attain, breakthrough, manage, negotiate, shift, manipulate, catalyze, get by, succeed, afford, engineer, excogitate, planned, work out, trigger, create, hatch, creativity.

Usage examples for contrive

  1. Once more a captive, he would gladly send by Flora also, could she contrive to carry it, the priceless knowledge which Anna, after all, might fail to convey. – Kincaid's Battery by George W. Cable
  2. " You should contrive to look a little less beautiful then, Philippa," he rejoined. – Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)
  3. Is it right that the poet, in his eager desire to contrive a solemn atmosphere for his drama, should arouse from their slumber sentiments, errors, prejudices and fears, which we would attack and rebuke were we to discover them in the hearts of our friends or our children? – The Buried Temple by Maurice Maeterlinck