Synonyms for Picture:


principle, philosophy, ideal, spectacle, commitment, faith, pageant, theory. cut, oil, tale, tapestry, plot, mosaic, etching, engraving, trademark, advertisement, poster, chart, print, version, mezzotint, still, profile, animation, map, commercial, graph. event, conditions, situation, environment, state of affairs, description, position, circumstance, context, climate. rough out, etch, shade, paint, illustrate, knowledge, caricature, Redraw, understanding, trace, survey, idea. chiller, anime, conceive, chick flick, buddy movie, feature, costume drama, envisage, B movie, fantasize, biopic, blue movie, vision, imagine, think. composition, artwork, creation, chef-d'oeuvre, background, canon, art, back catalog, represent, fine art, delineate, assemblage. frame, Bollywood, FX, ringer, spitting image, cinematic, cinematography, FPS, same, the big screen, duplicate. suppose, daydream, contemplate, read into, think up, have visions of (doing) something, visualization. double (noun)
ringer, spitting image.
drawing (noun)
masterpiece, tracing, diagram, landscape, painting, study, sketch, plan, pastel, scene, still life, portrait, charcoal, doodle, blueprint, Water color.
entertainment film (noun)
flick, show, moving picture, movie, motion picture, picture show.
film (noun)
motion picture, picture show.
illustration, likeness of something (noun)
description, effigy, delineation, spitting image, outline, spectacle, cartoon, painting, copy, print, impression, portrayal, replica, figure, sketch, blueprint, ringer, statue, drawing, photograph, image, art, duplicate, representation, portrait, depiction, doodle, engraving.
imitation (noun)
involved (noun)
considered, concerned, part of.
map (noun)
model (noun)
movie (noun)
moving picture (noun)
moving picture.
perfect example (noun)
picture (noun)
painting, movie, envision, depict, word picture, visualise, flick, picture show, pictorial matter, visualize, scene, characterisation, impression, pic, film, figure, render, image, motion picture, mental picture, project, show, moving picture, fancy, word-painting, characterization, depiction, delineation, video, see.
representation (noun)
depiction, miniature, impression, approximation, representation, idol, imitation, figurine, drawing, image, model, likeness, analogy, pastiche, metaphor, copy, cast, cartoon, illustration, duplication, replica, rendering, photograph, outline, snapshot, bust, facsimile, carving, statue, silhouette, portrayal, effigy.
situation (noun)
state of affairs.
state (noun)


depict, describe (verb)
render, represent, illustrate, paint, delineate.
form vision in one's mind (verb)
fancy, see, envision, visualize, fantasize, daydream, imagine.

Other synonyms:

map, tale, version, profile, spitting image, fantasize, illustrate, think up, ringer, read into, imagine. delineate, print, caricature, represent, envisage, daydream, etching. conceive, contemplate, duplicate, art. suppose. vision. think. duplicate
Other relevant words:
context, artwork, pageant, plot, caricature, cinematic, feature, Bollywood, description, see, trace, anime, fancy, video, project, shade, illustrate, word picture, FX, envision, background, profile, word-painting, art, graph, theory, spectacle, map, visualization, mosaic, think up, survey, oil, situation, considered, position, fantasize, mental picture, envisage, assemblage, moving picture, commercial, etching, knowledge, cinematography, pic, principle, faith, version, FPS, poster, ideal, duplicate, film, characterization, delineate, conceive, delineation, animation, render, circumstance, environment, pictorial matter, biopic, Redraw, figure, represent, vision, movie, depict, tapestry, spitting image, etch, canon, visualize, commitment, climate, composition, flick, trademark, characterisation, engraving, frame, advertisement, understanding, chart, mezzotint, visualise, motion picture, picture show, daydream, cut, creation, conditions, tale, paint, still, print, ringer, concerned, chiller, think, philosophy, contemplate, suppose, imagine, event, show, same, idea.

Usage examples for picture

  1. Once more the picture changed very sharply and suddenly. – Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski
  2. She's pretty as a picture and she knows she is. – This Freedom by A. S. M. Hutchinson
  3. Why, it's Mr. Keeler's picture – Two Boys and a Fortune by Matthew White, Jr.