Synonyms for Pastiche:


representative (adjective)
copy, cartoon, Aping, representative, model, imitation, portrayed, illustrative, replica, analogous, approximate, miniature, metaphorical, graphic, Rendered, outline, facsimile.


aquatint, camp, brushwork, the avant-garde, art deco, baroque, arts and crafts, agitprop, abstract expressionism, art nouveau. miscellany (noun)
pastiche (noun)
medley, potpourri.
representation (noun)
cast, analogy, photograph, impression, duplication, statue, idol, metaphor, representation, approximation, bust, likeness, carving, image, figurine, illustration, snapshot, silhouette, depiction, drawing, rendering, picture, portrayal, effigy.
work of art formed from disparate sources (noun)
imitation, potpourri, copy.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
medley, agitprop, potpourri, brushwork, aquatint, baroque, camp.