Synonyms for Brief:


concise (adjective)
succinct, compact, incisive, curt, terse, short, brusque, concise, to the point, blunt, abrupt, lean, short and sweet.
little (adjective)
delicate, meager, few, succinct, puny, diminutive, paltry, little, low, narrow, short, minute, compact, concise, small, scanty.
short (adjective)
little, runty, squat, petite, clipped, abridged, low, picayune, short, puny, compact, curt, condensed, stumpy, succinct, small, concise.
short, compressed (adjective)
curt, little, concise, short and sweet, compendious, skimpy, terse, small, to the point, brusque, abrupt, hasty, blunt, succinct, laconic.
shortened (adjective)
short in time (adjective)
transitory, short-term, instantaneous, temporary, quick, transient, fleeting, swift, short-lived, fast, ephemeral, momentary, passing.
transient (adjective)
instantaneous, flickering, cursory, short-term, changeable, impermanent, fickle, transitory, transient, shifting, rootless, Flitting, short-lived, restless, mortal, evanescent, fading, ephemeral, temporal, momentary, passing, fleeting, mutable, temporary, volatile.


button-down, best, A-LINE, casual, button-through, baggy, boot-cut, Clingy, backless. overview, round up, digest, precis, skimpy, slight, account. decrease, deliver, tell, point out, give someone to understand (that), relay, recapitulate, epitomize, abridge, let someone know, summarize. prepare, prime, variable, inconstant, floating. expeditious, flying, silent, hurried, speedy, quiet, quick, hasty, economical, swift, rapid. laconic, words, demonstration, style, compendious, summary, Guidelines, directions, lean, briefing, terms of reference, instructions. gruff, crusty, attitude, Short-spoken. condensation, epitome, synopsis, abstract, abridgment. abrupt (noun)
brief (noun)
legal brief, little, short, concise, abbreviated.
communication (noun)
legal brief.
outline (noun)
publication (noun)
herald, publication, commercial, gazette, bulletin, organ, advertisement, promulgation, newsmagazine, newsletter, dissemination, handbill, newspaper, journalism, promotion, announcement, periodical, propaganda, journal, circular, notice, review.


advise (verb)
cue, caution, encourage, notify, advocate, guide, confer, admonish, consult, recommend, suggest, warn, instruct, prompt, inform, advise, counsel, direct.
disclose (verb)
declare, express, testify, disseminate, announce, advertise, disclose, divulge, proclaim, exhibit, assert, confess, communicate, uncloak, unmask, reveal, broadcast.
inform of facts (verb)
inform, epitomize, prime, instruct, summarize, advise, recapitulate, prepare, abridge.
publish (verb)
promote, report, post, promulgate, propagandize, publish, circulate.

Other synonyms:

criminal record, terms of reference, backless, inconstant, button-down, Short-spoken, floating, Guidelines, codicil, skimpy, button-through, casual, baggy, boot-cut, Clingy, affidavit, relay, best, A-LINE. epitome, point out, variable, crusty, abridgment. gruff, expeditious, rapid, hasty, speedy, covenant, silent, hurried, condensation. article, economical, demonstration. quiet, bond. quick. fast, abstract. Other relevant words:
condensation, precis, silent, expeditious, article, rapid, summarize, lean, backless, A-LINE, directions, abridge, crusty, Clingy, legal brief, briefing, gruff, quiet, abstract, synopsis, demonstration, baggy, Short-spoken, deliver, account, instructions, hasty, inconstant, floating, prime, abridgment, fast, conveyance, button-through, hurried, best, slight, decrease, style, words, clause, prepare, epitomize, affidavit, relay, summary, laconic, Guidelines, digest, casual, skimpy, bond, overview, speedy, swift, boot-cut, flying, variable, attitude, economical, compendious, recapitulate, contract, abbreviated, button-down, codicil, tell, covenant, epitome, quick.

Usage examples for brief

  1. But I really must get on with the brief I'm drawing; so, Mr. Quirk, we can talk about Titmouse to- morrow! – Ten Thousand a-Year. Volume 1. by Samuel Warren
  2. For a brief moment I forgot the war and was back in that cheerful world where we used to be happy, where we greeted the rising sun with light hearts and saw its setting without fear. – Pebbles on the Shore by Alpha of the Plough (Alfred George Gardiner)
  3. " I will be brief she began. – Love Under Fire by Randall Parrish