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protean - 49 results
Examples of usage:

Before Dr Protean seemed to have made up his mind what to do, Monsieur Papalier had risen, saying, in a rather low and conversational tone- My young friend will allow me to suggest to him the expediency of withdrawing his toast, as one in which his fellow- citizens cannot all cordially join. - "The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance", Harriet Martineau.

To attempt a description of its external phenomena were a hardy task- much more to grapple with its protean influences on the souls of men. - "Nature Mysticism", J. Edward Mercer.

He is likewise protean. - "The Cardinal's Snuff-Box", Henry Harland.

Similar words:

research project, service program, sorting program, sort program, retirement program, target program, television program, tax program, system program, service of process.

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