Synonyms for Bone:


ethmoid, bony process, carpal, temporal, concrete, fibula, metatarsal, frontal, tarsal, ribcage, atlas, ischium, glazed, cardboard, talus, elastic, radius, zygomatic or cheekbone, pubis, alabaster, axis, acrylic, incus or anvil, scapula or shoulder blade, vomer or nasal bones, patella or kneecap, coccyx, clavicle or collarbone, mandible or jawbone, maxilla, ulna, ilium or hipbone, sternum or breastbone, Phalanges, osseous matter, sphenoid, parietal, earthen, stapes or stirrup, humerus, tibia or shinbone, malleus or hammer, metacarpal, glass, occipital, femur or thighbone, pelvis. grind, collarbone, ankle, backbone, clavicle, ball-and-socket joint, burn the midnight oil, breastbone, cheekbone, work, bone marrow. blend, bake, butter, blanch, chill, butchery, butcher, carve. ankle (noun)
bone (noun)
metacarpal, radius, metatarsal, pelvis, humerus, coccyx, temporal, fibula, maxilla, pubis, ischium, ulna, clavicle.
jaw (noun)
piece of animate skeleton (noun)
bony process, osseous matter.

Other synonyms:

coccyx, ball-and-socket joint, alabaster, elastic, breastbone, butter, collarbone, earthen, glass, humerus, metatarsal, cheekbone, cardboard, blanch, fibula, clavicle, pelvis, bone marrow, carve, ulna. butchery, concrete, acrylic, radius, backbone. glazed. blend. chill, grind. anklebone
Other relevant words:
fibula, ethmoid, grind, butcher, occipital, concrete, ulna, radius, blend, burn the midnight oil, glass, metacarpal, cheekbone, ischium, chill, atlas, butchery, ankle, ribcage, cardboard, carve, sphenoid, pubis, humerus, collarbone, pelvis, bake, carpal, frontal, elastic, maxilla, temporal, metatarsal, butter, parietal, earthen, clavicle, axis, breastbone, bony process, talus, backbone, blanch, coccyx, osseous matter, glazed, Phalanges, alabaster, work, acrylic, tarsal.

Usage examples for bone

  1. Then they shook their right sleeves, and in so doing a swan's bone hit the King in the face. – The Blue Rose Fairy Book by Maurice Baring
  2. Well, call it one bone then. – The Varmint by Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger